Fit to Tackle programme ends with impressive 53 stone weightloss


LiveWire’s popular Fit To Tackle programme has concluded with participants losing a combined total of 53 stone, with applications now open for the New Year.

Fit To Tackle is a beginners fitness and weight loss programme run by LiveWire that involves 24 bootcamp sessions at Halliwell Jones Stadium plus the opportunity to use LiveWire leisure facilities to help encourage them to keep exercising in the future.

The latest Fit To Tackle course – which was a men-only programme – ended last week with a combined weight loss of 342kg/53st 12lbs, and saw 41 participants losing 5% of their starting weight.

Tom Kearney, LiveWire Lifestyles Advisor and Fit To Tackle coach, said: “Our first programme back at the stadium was a huge success, with a collective weight loss of 53st 12lbs and almost all participants reporting an improvement of mood and mental wellbeing. Over the 12 weeks the participants were put through a variety of exercise sessions utilising the stadium steps and concourses, along with taster sessions for mainstream fitness classes and an Offload session delivered by the Warrington Wolves Foundation.

“During the final month of the programme, participants were given all-inclusive access to all LiveWire facilities to allow them the opportunity to try and break down any final barriers they may have had towards exercise especially once the programme is finished.

“Our next men’s only programme will be starting in January and we are expecting a high volume of applicants so please be quick and follow the link below to apply.”

Stuart Malone, 42, from Great Sankey, took part in the programme. He said: “At the start of the Fit To Tackle program I was overweight, suffering with several weight-induced health issues and my mental health was in the gutter.

“Over the course of the 12 weeks program I have seen my fitness improve exponentially, my health issues have improved to the point that my blood pressure medication can be reduced and, perhaps most importantly, my mental health is recovering.

“I wholeheartedly recommend that if anyone is thinking about joining the program they do it. The staff and mentors who run the program are incredibly supportive, as are your fellow participants.”

Fit To Tackle costs £30 and for more information and to apply please visit:


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