Snoring – something we are good at in Warrington!


WARRINGTON has the third most snorers in the UK, according to new research.

The study, by sleep experts at Sleepseeker, looked at the number of snoring related internet searches per 1,000 people in the largest towns and cities across the country.
They found that Warrington, with a population of 172,068 had 45.3 searches per 1,000 people.
Only Cambridge, with 50.0 and Bournemouth, with 46.0 had more snoring-related searches.
The only other North West town in the Top Ten for snoring, was Bolton with 44.1.
The study also looked at the towns and cities with the least number of snoring-related searches and found none in the North West. Glasgow could claim to have the quietest sleepers with only 5.3 searches per 1,000 population.
Looking further afield, the Sleepseeker experts found Dublin to be capital of the English-speaking world – but even there snoring seemed to be less of a problem than in Warrington, with only 37.9 searches per 1,000 people.
What are the main causes of snoring? According to the experts, it is being overweight, smoking and drinking too much alcohol.
Sleeping on your back is another cause – unless you have an extra pillow.

You can view the full research here:


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