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Stock market live news update 4th Feb 2021: Stocks rises


Stocks are rising over time as investors focus on the positive news of vaccines and accept the series of corporate earnings results. 

The Dow now shares positive territory with the S&P 500 and the Nasdaq as it shakes off earlier declines. The leading cause of the decline was the components of stock Amgen (AMGN) sank after the report showed big disappointment of the whole year outlook. 

All the three indexes showed a higher graph for a second continuous session on Tuesday, and the Dow updated its best single-session gain since November. The recovery came alongside a rash decline in shares of some best stock trading app uk that were popular through Reddit forum last week. These included shares like AMC entertainment which fell by more than 40% and Gamestop, which was more than half on Tuesday, i.e. $ 90 per share. However, both shares gained some percentage within a day on Wednesday. 

Shares of mega-cap tech stocks increased, helping the S&P 500 and Nasdaq to stay on mark. Amazon stock (AMZN) experienced a growth of 1% as investors kept in mind the company’s record results based quarterly. Plus, they also considered the announcement that CEO Jeff Bezos said he would step down from his role this year and Andy Jassy will replace him as Amazon Web Services chief. 

After reporting the fourth-quarter advertising revenue that was recovering strongly in 2020, the shares of peer Big Tech giant Alphabet, including GOOGLE, GOOG elevated for more than 7%. Meanwhile, there was a discussion held in Washington for additional fiscal stimulus. On Tuesday, the Senate voted to open debate for a budget resolution for the fiscal year 2021. The purpose behind this was to create additional coronavirus relief aid. The number of votes received in favour of the decision was majority instead of just 60 votes required for most legislation. 

After Biden took the administration more upbeat news was visible in the news front relating to the vaccine. The white House is now ready to begin shipping coronavirus vaccines directly into the retail pharmacies. Moreover, they will also provide some deliveries to the state to raise the weekly supply of vaccine shots to 11.5 million, which now stands at 1 million. 

Still, in the middle of this week’s gain, some strategists have run a more cautious view on equities which have shown positive results against the backdrop of rising speculation and the still going pandemic. Sam Stovall, the CFRA equity research strategist, says that he fears that we all are still due for some kind of digestion of gains. However, the year-end price target of 4080 remains the same for the S&P 500. Simultaneously, some strategists on Wall Street shared the view that the stock will keep on getting higher till the end 2021. 

While some others feel that the apparent joy in markets may warrant some pause, Jeff Yastine, Wealthpress senior investment strategists, says that keeping the recovery healthy is when people have particular fear in the market. And when someone looks at how the activity is moving relating to Wall Street Bets, it depicts a lack of concern or fear that investors from every kind can move with impunity.  

The movement in the market relating to stock

  • There was a fall of 0.6% in the MSCI Asia Pacific Index.
  • The decline of 0.4% took place in the MSCI Emerging Market Index.
  • Increment in the index of the S&P 500
  • The Index of The Stoxx Europe 600 underwent some changes.

The movement in the market relating to bonds

  • The 10-year yield of Britain came down by one basis point to 0.369%.
  • The yield on 10-year Germany reduced less than one basic point to (0.47%).
  • The 10-year yield of Japan came up by one basis point to 0.061%
  • Treasuries 10-year yield dropped by less than one point to 1.13%.
  • The two-year yield Treasuries also dipped by less than one basic point to 0.12%.

The movement in the market relating to currencies

  • The British pound falls by 0.4% to $ 1.3587.
  • There was a step down in the Japanese yen by 0.2% to 105.23 per dollar.
  • The Euro also experienced a downfall of 0.4% to 1.1988.
  • Little change took place in the onshore yuan at 6.463 per dollar.

The change in commodities

  • The gold market weakened by 1.1% to 1,813.65 an ounce.
  • There was again the intermediate west Texas Crude by 0.75 to $56.06 a barrel.
  • Increment of 0.55 in the Brent crude to 58.76% a barrel. 

The change in the market as per stocks open mixed shortly after the opening bell:

  • Nasdaq went through an increment of 0.73% to 13,712.25
  • S&P 500 also experienced an increase of 0.33% to 3,838.97
  • Gold went up by 0.31% to 1839.10 per ounce.
  • The 10-year Treasury yield went up by one basis point to 1.117%
  • The increase in crude was by 1.08% to 55.35% a barrel.
  • Dow went down by 0.22% to 30,619.48.

Shares of some companies had given a quarterly report before the market experienced a downfall after the trading day began. After the information was out, there was disappointment that was overshadowed by the powerful fourth-quarter results. 

There was an increase in the fourth-quarter sale by 17% to 2.17 billion euros in the Stockholm-based music streamer Spotify (SPOT). This increment was higher than the agreement, which was 2.15 billion euros. The monthly active users also kept on increasing sharply, higher than the expectations, rising by 27% to 345 million. The company’s share of loss amounting to 66 euro cents was more than expected, i.e. 57 euro cents.

Moreover, the company forecasted earning revenue the whole year of 9.01 billion euros to 9.41 billion euro for the fiscal year 2021. The company also announced that the probable active users for 2021 would amount to 407 million to 427 million, which will break the median estimate for about 411 million. 

On the other hand, AMGEN shared its fourth-quarterly revised earnings of $ 3.18 per share, which is still rising over last year and beating the estimate for $ 3.34 per share. 




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