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Top 6 Local Cornish Foods you Absolutely Have to Try


Cornwall may be known for its exquisite beaches for surfers, but it’s also known for its unique local cuisine that is etched in its history.

There are some incredible British baked goods that you may not have heard of. So, on that note, we give you the top 6 local cornish foods that you absolutely must try!

1.   Cornish Yarg

The Cornish Yarg got its name from its creators, cheese-making partners Allan and Jenny Gray – Yarg is their surname spelled backward. It is a cow’s milk cheese made from grass-rich Cornish milk that is wrapped in nettle leaves before it matures. This semi-hard cheese has a piquant flavor that has won many awards.

It is great as a burger topping for BBQ meals or served as a light snack with walnuts, salami, green leaves, and honey.

2.   Cornish Pasty

Pasties are still among the top favorite party snacks as well as known to be the ultimate comfort food which are British baked pastries containing many variations from ground beef and onions to potatoes and cheese. Originally made in Cornwall, pasties are now popular all over the UK and since these meals are so filling and can be made in various sizes, they were originally portable lunches for farmers and fishermen, made by their wives.

There are many different types of Cornish pasties available to get an authentic taste of the best Cornwall has to offer, from traditional, bacon and cheese turnovers, and vegan alternatives. When choosing from a selection of your favourite pasties, be sure to check out and try the many options. You can consider getting a box filled with each since nowadays, these delicious delights are delivered to your door.

3.   Cornish Saffron Bun

The saffron spice that created the saffron cake which perfectly accompanies tea came to Cornwall as a trade for tin by foreign merchants. This ingredient was then used to develop the Saffron bun as Cornish locals began cooking with the spice. The traditional saffron bun has become a fan favorite treat that contains dried fruit such as raisins, sultanas, and currants. This type of tea cake is made of just 5 ingredients: butter, flour, caster sugar, yeast, and dried fruit that can also include spices such as nutmeg or cinnamon.

4.   Stargazy Pie

Of all the pies in the world, this one definitely takes the cake for being the most unique and surprisingly delicious. Originating in the fishing village of Mousehole in Cornwall, legend states that the Stargazy pie was invented to pay homage to a brave fisherman named Tom Bowcock who was said to sail in a stormy sea to fish for his village that was on the brink of starvation. The pie got its name from the fish heads sticking out the crust, which appear to be gazing upward.

This dish is made of baked pilchards – sardines -, potatoes, and eggs. It is then covered with a pastry crust. The idea of eating fish heads out of a pie may not seem all that appealing in theory, but trust and believe that this traditional dessert is an absolutely must-try whenever you’re in Cornwall and is sure to change your mind.

5.   Cornish Clotted Cream

You may have heard about the enduring debate about whether clotted cream originated in Cornwall or Devon. That said, you’d be wasting your time if you did not taste the Cornish version.

Cornish clotted cream is a thick cream that is created by heating full-cream cow’s milk and letting it cool in shallow pans. It can be topped on a number of dishes to enrich a meal. You can try adding clotted cream to savory meals such as a garlic mushroom sauce, top desserts such as vanilla fudge, or as a strawberry dip, and taste the clotted cream shortcake.

6.   Hevva Cake

The Hevva cake is made with butter, flour, lard, milk, and raisins. Hevva stands for shoaling and the cake’s name is derived from the Cornwall pilchard industry, where they used a clifftop to look for shoals of fish. The hevva cake or bun was made by fishermen’s wives to serve to their husbands when they came home.

When it comes to really understanding and taking on the full experience of any location, food is right at the top of the list. The unique perk about Cornish food is that it doesn’t have one specialty. Whether you have a sweet or savory tooth, there is a signature dish with your name on it. Once you try these deliciously sweet desserts and comfort foods, you’ll be itching to make them at home.


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