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The best beaches in and around Mykonos


The island of Mykonos, located in Greece, is renowned for its aesthetic glamour and iconic relevance. No wonder it is regarded as one of the hottest tourist attraction sites in the world.

Characterized by legendary archaeological spots, museums, antique monasteries, charming hotels like adornosuites.com/facilities/, and active nightlife, the island is reputed to draw tourists from all over the world.

Apart from the beautiful scenery of coloured patterned windows, white walls, and buildings designed according to the Cycladic tradition, the island is blessed with a vast array of beaches. These beaches remain one of the strongest pull factors for massive tourist turn-up in the city.

The unique thing about the island is that these beaches have peculiar characteristics that distinguish them from one another. To know what beach to visit while on a tour to the island, contained herein this piece are the best beaches in and around Mykonos;

●      Elia beach. This is the longest of the beaches on the island where you can enjoy your stay. It is a place you should visit when on vacation to the island. To get the best view of the cascading flow of water, lodging in one of the hotels on this beach can do the magic. It’s one of the most crowded beaches on the island as many people like to come there. To make your stay an unforgettable one, Elia beach is one place to be.

●      Panormos beach. Another beach characterized by fun and adventure is the Panormos beach. One special thing about this beach is that it looks more like a private beach as fewer people come to the beach. Thus, for the few who visit the beach, they are in for an experience like any other. Should you need to meditate or clear your mind, perform yoga or spend lone-time with a loved one, Panormos beach is where to be.

●      Ornos beach. This beach is unique for its beautiful water, waves, and oceanic appeal. It is an exquisite tourist attraction. On this beach lies the prestigious Adorno beach hotel and suites. So, for tourists who are lodged at Adorno, Ornos is just in your backyard. For fun lovers and adventurers, surfing is a usual activity on the beach. For guaranteed relaxation and a fun-filled experience, the Ornos beach is a must-visit for you.

●      Agrari beach. To say that the island of Mykonos is blessed would be an understatement. In fact, this island exquisitely radiates the blessings of nature. The Agrari beach is profound for its many attractive characteristics. Tourists can find solace in the beautiful water of the Agrari beach by going for a swim during hot weather. The beach is also home to several hotels, cafés, restaurants, and bars, thus giving it an active existence. Even nightlife on this beach is fun as celebrity deejays come down to entertain everyone all night long. Other activities on the beach include watersports such as surfing and deep swimming.

●      Agios loanns beach. Another popular beach on the island is the Agios loanns beach. This beach is marked by certain peculiarities that make it stand out. Not only is this beach accessible to all and sundry because of its affordable entry fee, but it is also guaranteed that your visit would be characterized by fun.

For a thrilling and captivating experience, visiting these beaches when you visit Mykonos is inevitable. If it’s possible to visit all these beaches while on the island, go ahead; you definitely would enjoy it.


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