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“Warrington’s target of carbon neutrality does not go far enough”


LIBERAL Democrats in Warrington have welcomed a £1 million grant from the Government’s Towns’ Fund as a step towards making the borough a less polluted place in which to live and work.

The Government has delivered an £80 million funding boost for over 100 towns, including Warrington, to help with new investment in transport, technology, skills and culture.
Cllr Sharon Harris, the Liberal Democrats transport spokeswoman said: “Moving the town’s bus depot to a new site is one piece in the puzzle towards solving Warrington’s congestion and associated air pollution problems.
“This is an easy win for both our Warrington South MP and the council leader who appear to be competing to take credit for this.
“The true challenge is to be far more visionary when it comes to delivering a bus fleet ‘fit for the future’. Does this phrase merely mean more shiny Cheshire Cat buses, which due to their size are limited in their use?
“What are the future aspirations for the fleet? Where will future funding for a new bus fleet come from?
“The Council’s target of carbon neutrality is laudable but does not go far enough. To be in line with Paris Agreement commitments, Warrington must be carbon negative. Only bold and imaginative strategies will encourage motorists out of their cars and make this happen.”


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  2. £ 5,000,000 for a handful of electric buses is just. £5,000,000 down the drain , just look at how many are using our buses at the moment 2 or 3 students and maybe half a dozen pensioners per bus , I’ve been riding and driving in Warrington for nearly 60 years and it’s obvious to me that the majority of the traffic is just ” through ” traffic and the only way to solve this is bypasses , the Chester road and then the Walton to sankey will definitely are a step in the right direction , then how to entice people on to the buses , easy , you can’t

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