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MP welcomes multi-billion pound investment for road and railway


WARRINGTON South MP Andy Cater has welcomed a multi-billion pound investment for road and railway investment to put nation on a path to recovery.

Welcoming the Government’s investment, Mr Carter said:“I have been a longstanding advocate for addressing traffic hotspots and improving our road surfaces and rail infrastructure.
“Warrington has a long-standing issue with the swing bridges in the town centre causing huge irritation and having a knock-on effect on the local economy, so I’ll be lobbying to make sure this fund is spent in the right places to improve congestion.
“As we look towards our recovery from Coronavirus, the Government’s plan to level up across the country, improving infrastructure and boosting productivity, will only become more critical as we exit this crisis. This significant allocation of funds from the Government will help to improve the quality of people’s journeys, whether by rail, road on a bike or on foot.”

He says infrastructure upgrades will mean smoother and safer journeys with better connections.
*investment across road and rail will support the country’s economic recovery and continue to level-up infrastructure.
*£1.7 billion to improve journeys for cyclists, pedestrians and drivers across England through repairs to local roads.
*fast-tracked construction works worth £175 million will ensure networks get vital repairs while fewer passengers are using transport system.
*plans to lock in environmental benefits seen during lockdown with vision to boost England’s charging infrastructure for electric vehicles over next decade.
*Journeys on local roads, railways and motorways will be smoother and safer thanks to a multi-billion-pound infrastructure package Transport Secretary Grant Shapps announced this week.
Hundreds of millions of pounds worth of upgrades have already been made to the nation’s road and rail networks during the lockdown period with more planned over the coming weeks and months.
Drivers and cyclists beginning to return to England’s streets will benefit from a £1.7bn Transport Infrastructure Investment Fund to improve roads, repair bridges and fill in millions of potholes.
The package will target around 11 million nuisance potholes, enough to tarmac a road stretching a third of the way around the Earth. It will also see smaller improvements completed to upgrade local networks, such as enhancing road safety at key locations, the installation of priority bus lanes, and the creation of projects to help lock in improvements in air quality experienced during lockdown.
Transport Secretary Grant Shapps said:“There has been a monumental effort in every corner of the country to slow the spread of the virus and protect our NHS. However, the battle is not over yet and we urge everyone to keep up the good work and only travel when they need to.
“To help those who do have to use public transport or get out on the roads to do their jobs, we’ve been accelerating infrastructure upgrades to make sure that, as we gradually reopen our society, everyone can benefit from smoother and safer journeys with better connections for our future.”


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  1. Surely if we have learnt one thing from this crisis it is that a lot or jobs and work can be done with less necessity to travel. We have been building new roads to ease hotspots for 50 years now. It just generates more journeys and creates new hotspots. It is time for the planet to REDUCE traffic not increase it. !!

  2. Perhaps Andy Carter could take the time to explain the thinking behind his party’s continued obsession with HS2. Every purported reason for it prior to the impact of corvid19 was flawed. Now this government has acknowledged the financial gain gearing of it will be at most £0.75/£1.00 or less (the odds on favourite), why oh why are we aiming to spend and alleged £106 billion (which will for sure be exceeded) on this perpetual white elephant, when we have a mountain of national debt to climb to even reach the start of the slopes of that mountain?

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