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How Will Travelling Look in the Future?


Covid-19 has impacted every area of life imaginable – from how we work to seeing our loved ones.

The travel industry is one of the most impacted industries, with countries across the globe closing their borders and a ban on non-essential journeys. Even though these strict restrictions won’t last forever, the world will have to make some long-term changes in the future. So, what will the travel industry look like going forward?

Transport Changes

One of the most notable changes will be how we fly. It’s looking probable that airlines are going to try and make passengers social distance for the long-term. Planes might be smaller or have fewer people on them. If you’re hoping to book a holiday when all this is over, it might be better to act sooner rather than later as the prices of flights are likely to increase in the future. Airlines will aim to make sure their passengers and staff are as safe as possible. So more rigorous cleaning and health checks before boarding could start happening. If all these new regulations happen, flying could become much less of a regular occurrence for people – both for business and leisure.


Focusing closer to home, our daily commutes could see a change, too. There could be an increase in people working from home permanently. Now they’ve seen it’s possible they could save themselves time and money. Not to mention help the environment. For those who rely on public transport, they could see seats blocked off for social distancing or more frequent trains. London rush hour is particularly busy, such as travelling from Finsbury Park to Hitchin. People may be encouraged to travel at off-peak times to reduce the crowds.

More Staycations

No matter the length of the trip, people may be more reluctant to travel as a whole. The country could see a rise in staycations and people not going too far from home. The UK is lucky enough to host a gorgeous array of scenic getaways so there’s something for everyone. Whether you fancy hiring a cosy cottage or trying out glamping, you can still have a holiday despite not being too far from home.

Even though the travel industry may see drastic changes, it won’t take away people’s inherent desire to have a getaway. Even if that entails going to the next county rather than country. How do you think the travel industry will change in the future?





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