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Beauty spot – or evidence of climate change?


BEAUTY spot, wildlife haven – or evidence of climate change?
Whatever you think, this stretch of water, which has been causing a few wry smiles among walkers at Lymm, for several years, is no more. At least for the time being.
The smiles arose from the fact that this “lake” was off Lakeside Road – but did not give the road its name.
Strangers to the area could be forgiven for thinking it was the “lake” in Lakeside Road. Locals knew better, of course – as the lake which gave its name to the road is actually Lymm Dam, which is on the other side of the road and pretty well hidden behind a screen of trees.
The “lake” pictured above was simply flooding which, over a period of years, grew and grew until it began to get worryingly close to a nearby house. Which is probably why it was recently drained!
Will it return? Who can say? But if it does, the ducks will doubtless be the first to know.


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