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Minister pledges support for Peace Centre and to protect green belt


VIDEO: SECRETARY of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government Robert Jenrick pledged support for Warrington’s Peace Centre and to help protect the green belt in Warrington South when he visited the town to support parliamentary candidate Andy Carter.

Following a tour of the peace centre, home of the Tim Parry Johynathan Ball Foundation for Peace, created as a living memorial to the two young boys killed following an IRA bomb attack on the town in 1993, Mr Jenrick said he was “hugely impressed” by the facility.”

He said he found it “very moving” to meet founders Colin and Wendy Parry, and through his role as Communities Secretary, he would, if the govermnet was re-elected, see how funding could be found to ensure it had a sustainable future.

Mr Jenrick also re-afirmed the Government’s commitment to protecting the Green Belt.

“We know how important the green belt is to local people and we want to see it preserved and enhanced – our manifesto can not be any clearer on this issue.”

He said investment would be made on infrastructure to help free up brownfield sites like the Filders Ferry power station which is due to close next year.

For the full interview check out the video above.

Mr Jenrick meets Colin and Wendy Parry with Andy Carter



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  1. Wow a minister answering straight questions with straight answers.

    I’ve tried for nearly four years to get WBC to commit to Pledge to Peace. Nothing zero.

    We’ve been fighting the draft local plan for ages

    The WNCF has had its last three AGM at Fiddler’s Ferry and know their interest in conservation along with the Mersey Gateway Environmental Trust

    And then there’s Peel Hall we shall be knocking at the ministers door shortly after the 13th and stopping him in the corridor to see what he will turn words into actions.

  2. I doubt very much you will be getting any support for Peel Hall from Mr Jenrick! And how can you call that “straight answers” Geoff? On the one hand he says the Secretary of State is “ultimately responsible” for the local plan, but also says the choice (re local plan) “rests with the local council”. He says Conservatives are “completely committed to protecting green belt” – if so, why did they include ‘presumption in favour of development’ in the NPPF and why did they leave ‘exceptional circumstances’ for building on greenbelt wide open to the interpretation of any developer and his dog? He says they are “giving more money on infrastructure spending to unlock brownfield sites” yet the money for the WWL road was offered specifically to ‘ensure development of 24,000 new homes – to achieve that number it’s obvious green belt will have to be used. (And don’t forget Andy Carter fully supported the funding bid for the Western Link!) Most telling were Mr Jenricks answers to questions re the Stobarts ‘call in’ he says ” ultimately I’m the decision maker there” and when pressed on the timescale for the decision he answers “well look, these things can move very quickly…err…if you want them to”. Well yes! and if he’d wanted to, he could have given the decision a few weeks ago, and clearly illustrated his party’s commitment to the greenbelt BEFORE the general election! Has he delayed the decision not to upset possible voters? Will his decision be released shortly after the election and is there a clue in his words “and so this rests with the local council” as to how he plans to absolve himself and his party from any responsibility in granting Stobart permission?

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