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Tactical voting could swing key Warrington South marginal


TACTICAL voting could play a big part in the key marginal Warrington South seat as the Lib Dem Parliamentary Candidate recognised it may be needed to avoid a Tory Brexit.

Ryan Bate, the Liberal Democrat candidate in Warrington South, has recognised that voters will have to “do what they need to do” in order to stop a Tory Brexit, which may mean using their vote tactically to prevent a Brexit- supporting Conservative candidate winning in Warrington South.

In a recent General Election hustings, Ryan Bate conceded that the Tories could win in Warrington South and ‘if you want to avoid Brexit because you do not believe it is the right course for this country, then you’ve got a choice to vote tactically’.

Faisal Rashid

Warrington South is a close two-way marginal seat between Labour’s Faisal Rashid and the Conservative Party’s Andy Carter.

Addressing widespread fears among pro- Remain voters that support for the Liberal Democrats could inadvertently lead to a pro-Brexit Conservative candidate winning the seat, Ryan Bate said that voters should ‘do what you need to do’.

Meanwhile a vote for Faisal Rashid has been officially recommended by the People’s Vote Campaign, Remain United, Warrington for Europe, Best for Britain and tactical.vote.

Mr Rashid said: “I very much welcome the comments made by Ryan Bate the Liberal Democrat candidate in this election. Voters here face a clear choice on 12th December. Do voters in Warrington South want another five long years of Tory Government under a Prime Minister we simply cannot trust? Do they want five more years of crippling underinvestment in our hospitals, older people’s personal care, police and schools? Do they want five more years of inaction on the climate emergency? Do we want five more years where pensioners continue to get a bad deal? The Prime Minister’s Brexit deal is a bad deal and does not get Brexit done. It would cripple our jobs and living standards.

“The Conservative candidate in this election was forced to sign up to that deal before even being allowed to stand in this election. I would never sign up to such a deal and will always put the people of Warrington first. My position is clear: Labour will deliver a public vote and I will campaign to remain in that vote. I believe that staying in the European Union is the best deal on the table for our town. A vote for me is a vote for hope and a brighter future for Warrington South.”

Ryan Bate added: “It is a reflection of our woefully inadequate electoral system that people should have to consider tactical voting.

“I would always implore people to vote based on their values. On this occasion though, I understand the pressure being put on people – from both sides – to vote tactically. I’ve met countless people on the campaign trail who have said they’d like to vote for me, but are worried about letting Johnson or Corbyn in. I always advise people to consider the evidence and what their values are. Ultimately, it is for voters to decide who they are going to lend their vote to.”

Andy Carter responded: “They’re just as bad as each other. Both the Labour and Liberal candidates in Warrington South want to stop Brexit, overturn the decision taken in the 2016 referendum and ignore the democratic decision taken by this country. They don’t seem to understand that we’ve had a vote and decided to Leave”.

”A vote for me will allow the country to elect a majority Conservative Government which can take decisions and move the country forward”.

”The consequence of voting for any other party in Warrington South is we’ll end up with a Jeremy Corbyn led Marxist Government, which would bankrupt the country, send unemployment soaring and take us back to the 1970s. Every single time Labour are in power the same thing happens“.

Andy Carter


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