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Planning your marketing strategy for 2020?


by Adam Draper www.dreamscape.solutions

Planning your marketing strategy for 2020? Here are 5 things you should know before hiring a marketing agency.

November’s now here and the countdown to Christmas and the end of the year is well on the way, and it’s now that many companies look their marketing budget, plans or even provider.

To help you with that process, I’ve put together some information that will help you pick a marketing agency or review your existing one.

Several clients that we work with came to us with a similar story. They’re previous supplier couldn’t deliver what they’d promised. That means wasted money, lots of frustration and concerns about re-investing in marketing.

To help you avoid the same experience, here are 5 warning signs that you should look out for when choosing your next digital supplier.

  1. They want to own everything, from your data and logins through to your domain and analytics

Many companies want to just hand everything over to let the agency get on with it, but this can put you in a sticky situation if things turn sour and you can’t regain control.

  1. They guarantee instant results “You’ll be #1 for all of your services in a week!”

Good agencies are unlikely to include this kind of promise as part of their pitch. It’s something they can’t honestly guarantee to achieve and it’s broad enough to fit whatever results they generate.

  1. They want to tell their story, not yours

Another tell-tale sign that an agency isn’t hitting the mark is that their reporting focuses on what they’ve done and their wins, while avoiding the bigger picture of how their work has impacted your business.

  1. The conversation isn’t focused on what they can do to help, but how much they cost and when you need to pay

It’s always important to be aware of how an agency pitches to you, as it’s often a great way of getting some insight into how they’ll operate.

You don’t want someone who’s sole focus is on their costs and previous achievements. You want to look for an agency you can build a relationship with because they want to understand you and your business.

  1. They lack transparency

One of the failings of some digital marketing agencies is their hesitance to say when something isn’t working. Why? Ultimately, they don’t want to lose you as their client, understandable but far from ideal for you.

So, it’s key to find an agency that will tell you if something isn’t working and follow it up by providing a solution.

Remember good agencies will want to be honest with you and will work with you to develop new strategies based on what has AND what hasn’t worked.

If you’d like more advice on digital marketing, simply visit https://dreamscape.solutions/Knowledge-Centre or call 01925 755 960 to speak with Adam.


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