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Council to monitor air quality in village


STOCKTON Heath Parish Council has taken delivery of an air quality monitor to enable it to measure air pollution in the village.
In about a month’s time the £4,000 device will be installed in London Road  near the swing bridge – thought to be the area which suffers most from pollution created by road traffic.
But for the time being it is being tested at Great Sankey – next to the official DEFRA air quality monitor for the Warrington area.
Cllr Peter Walker explained: “By comparing the readings with the official DEFRA readings we will be able to check if it giving accurate readings. Once we are assured about that we will be using the device in Stockton Heath.
“It is a mobile device so we will be able to move it around the village the monitor the air in various places. But London Road is the obvious place to start.”
Road traffic causes various types of air pollution harmful to health, including carbon monoxides, hydrocarbons, nitrogen oxide and particulate matter. Once the machine is operational, residents will be able to check the level of pollution at any given time, either via the parish council’s website or via a direct link.
Cllr Walker said: “We are particularly concerned about any increase in pollution that might arise following the construction of thousands of news houses to the south of Stockton Heath. It could lead to up to 4,000 additional vehicles coming through the village.
“Even if they are electric cars they still cause pollution from tyres, brakes, etc., so we are keen to be able to check particulate matter.”


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  1. Well done Peter at al Pollution does not appear to be treated seriously enough in this town and this device could prove how bad the situation is. As an aging asthmatic my breathing does appear to be getting worse and I would like to know if it’s because of old age, pollution or just the fact that I’m dying faster. Whatever I’m sure you will give me an update at this afternoons WVIP board meeting so that you can advise us how our members might be being affected.

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