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Speed awareness group launched in villages


A NEW group has been launched in Grappenhall and Thelwall to tackle the problem of speeding traffic in the twin villages.
Volunteers from the Grappenhall and Thelwall Speed Awareness group are monitoring speeds on main roads and “rat runs” using a speed camera.
The information they gather is passed to the police and to Grappenhall and Thelwall Parish Council.
A spokesperson for the group said: “There were 603 casualties on Warrington’s roads in 2017. Nationally it is estimated that 37 per cent of all accidents have speeding as a contributory factor and that a pedestrian struck by a vehicle travelling at 40 mph is 4.5 times more likely to be killed or seriously injured than by a vehicle travelling at 30 mph.
“Speeding traffic causes excessive noise. Reducing road speed from 30 mph to 20 mph is equivalent to moving from trying to make yourself heard in a busy restaurant to having a quite conversation with a friend.
“Speeding vehicles also significantly increase pollution. Driving at 20 mph rather than 30 mph reduces the levels of dangerous Nitrous Oxide by 8.2 per cent and particulates by 8.3 per cent.
“We have a real problem of speeding traffic in Grappenhall and Thelwall. Our group often records traffic traveling at 45 and even 50 mph in a 30 mph zone and there is a particular problem of speeding near our schools putting the lives of our children and grandchildren at risk.
“Our group has been established to try and make our streets safer, quieter and less polluting. Our volunteers spend one or two hours a month monitoring road speeds on the main roads and “rat runs” through our villages, using a speed camera.
“The make and registration of vehicles exceeding the speed limit are noted and schedules provided to both the police and parish councils. The police obtain the driver’s name and address and they are sent a reminder of the importance of abiding by the speed limits. More importantly the information proved enables the parish council and Warrington Borough Council to identify roads, which have particular speeding problem and bring forward traffic calming measures. “
The group is in need of more volunteers, who would be trained in the use of the speed camera.
Volunteers always work in pairs and the group says they are getting a very positive reaction from local residents, pedestrians and cyclists.
“They even get friendly waves from the drivers – along with a few ‘Anglo Saxon Gestures!’”
Anyone who would like to join the group can email them at commmunityspeedwatch@yahoo.com


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