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More police needed on the streets of Warrington


John Dwyer

MORE police officers should be deployed into Warrington – to enable a bigger police presence on the streets.

That’s the joint call from Warrington South Prospective Parliamentary candidate Andy Carter and former Police and Crime Commissioner John Dwyer.

They have both welcomed Boris Johnson’s pledge to recruit an extra 20,000 police officers.

Cllr Carter – he is a parish councillor at Lymm – said a drive to put more officers on the streets and in community was needed:

He said: “Too frequently I hear there are concerns about anti-social behaviour which give rise to so many other problems within neighbourhoods.

“This weekend I’ve been out on the doorstep, talking to people here in Warrington and like me, people are pleased this is being prioritised by Boris.  There’s no such thing as petty crime – every crime has a consequence and we need to focus on tackling problems with drugs, car crime and burglary which impact families here in Warrington.”

Mr Dwyer, who was Cheshire PCC from 2012-16 said the pledge by Boris Johnson to start recruiting 20,000 more police officers would also make an immediate impact on many of the major issues officers were facing by boosting front line officers.

He said: “Having more police officers on the beat will go a long way to cracking the rise of such things as knife crime, which is blighting our towns and cities across the country.

“An increased police presence will reassure the public that this government takes their safety seriously and also sends a message to criminals and would-be criminals that any sort of crime or anti-social will not be tolerated.

“While crime rates in our towns and villages across Cheshire are not on a scale of our major cities there is still a lot to be done and we need to get tougher on offenders. An increase in front line officers will have a positive impact on the crime detection rate which has slumped since I left office in 2016.”

Mr Dwyer, who currently works as a management consultant, introduced a priority-based budgeting approach to the constabulary when he was PCC which allowed him to invest in more police officers, raising the level of the establishment to almost the 2010 level.

He said: “Under my stewardship, the Cheshire Constabulary was rated as ‘outstanding’ by HM Inspector of Constabulary. Although my role wasn’t being inspected, I took this rating as a clear indication that my leadership had made a significant contribution to this result.”



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  1. Seriously? This from the party who got rid of an equivalent number of police officer posts over the past 9 years? Are these representatives going to take any responsibility for the impact of a any of this governments policies since 2010? Of course they want to appear to get tough on offenders – but how about addressing the causes of crime?

    Yes, we need more police officers. We also need more housing that people can afford to live in. We need a decent universal health and social care system, free at the point of delivery. We need proper wages and employment rights. If voters think any of this is going to come from this current administration then they are deluded.

    Or maybe its going to come from a No Deal – No Back Stop Brexit?

    Where’s that magic Money Tree?

  2. So John Dwyer has started his campaign for re-election. Consider they way he condones police misconduct, he is just as bad as the present incumbent. Oh for someone with integrity!

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