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Plans approved for eight “affordable” homes


EIGHT “affordable” apartments can be provided at Stockton Heath, planning chiefs have decided.
Warrington Housing Association has won permission to carry out the development off Chester Road despite objections from five neighbours
The development involves converting two existing semi-detached houses into four apartments and building a new block of four apartments.
A number of existing outbuildings at the rear of the site will be demolished.
Stockton Heath Parish Council expressed concerned about the number of parking spaces proposed and believed there could be noise and other problems for existing neighbouring residents.
Five neighbours lodged objections saying the new building will be out of keeping with the area and overlook neighbouring gardens.
They also had concerns about parking, noise and smells from the number of bins – 24 if all apartments had three each.
But planning officers said the scheme would offer much needed affordable housing in a sustainable location without any long term impact on existing properties.


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  1. You can’t keep using the term “affordable housing” when this development will only benefit the developer. What’s the cost of these “affordable housing”? Plans are made so that they cover the bare minimum they have to to adhere to planning guidelines/restrictions! Just say it how it is. This has been approved as it has lined the pockets of those that matter when it comes to developing these types of plots…..be it the council/landowner. The environmental impact has increased due to the number of residents that will now be living in an area that would have initially housed 2 families. The immediate surrounding area will now have to cope with an increase in the number of cars (originally maybe between 4 & 6) which if there are 8 new apartments, could be anything up to and over 16 cars. Even after receiving objections from the neighbours the development has still been approved. It seems that even though you can object, there are no circumstances that you can convey that will stop these types or any type of development unless they will affect how much money the council/developer will make. Because let’s face it, what matters to these people is what they can make today and not save tomorrow.

    • Well said!! Couldn’t agree more as as for them being ‘affordable’…. developers etc should be forced to give the expected sale price in their planning applications.

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