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Keep cool this summer with 4 Seasons Air Conditioning


By John Duggan – Director, 4 Seasons Air Conditioning

The sun is out, the temperatures are rising – could summer finally be on the way? This is great news but maybe not if you were one of the many people who suffered in unbearably hot and stuffy offices last year.

For many the memory of last year’s heatwave will have been of baking offices and everyone huddled around ineffective desk fans trying to keep cool.

But there is an answer – air conditioning systems provide a constant and comfortable temperature whatever the weather is outside. It is often a lot more cost-effective than you may think, keeping your employees happy while also minimising your energy use and reducing both your utility costs and your carbon footprint.
Here we look at some of the benefits of air conditioning in the workplace.

Don’t get hot under the collar
No one likes to feel hot and uncomfortable at work. We’ve all experienced that sluggish feeling that comes with the hot weather. Studies have shown that the energy our body uses trying to keep cool can affect our ability to think and reducing our productivity. And, as we all know, as temperatures rise so do our tempers – so a cool environment at work is key to maintaining the harmony in our lives.

Better air quality
Busy offices are a breeding ground for coughs and sneezes. Air conditioning systems dehumidify and circulate cool, filtered air, reducing the number of bacteria and dust particles, odours and potential allergens. This is especially important for people who suffer from allergies and asthma.

Protecting business critical equipment
It’s not just people who can overheat – modern workplaces are packed with technology that generates heat. The phones and computers we depend on daily can suffer serious meltdowns when temperatures rise, leading to a potential loss of data, and even shortening their lifespan. This is even more critical in Server Rooms. Air conditioning helps by taking away heat and humidity, ensuring your business-critical equipment is safe.

Here at 4 Seasons Air Conditioning we have many years’ experience of providing high quality air conditioning to a wide range of customers, both business and home. Whatever your requirements you can trust us to provide competitively priced solutions to meet your needs.

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