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Why Amsterdam Should Be Considered in Your 2019 Travels


If you are already dreaming of where to go in 2019, then look no further than Amsterdam. If you want a city full of things to discover, Amsterdam has plenty.

Home to Anne Frank House, museums, shops, and the Red Light District, this is a place for everyone. Amsterdam is great for groups of friends and couples and has both budget and high-end accommodation to suit everyone’s needs. Here are a few things you can get up to whilst you are visiting Amsterdam.

Anne Frank House

Anne Frank’s diary is world famous and if you haven’t already had a read, it is highly recommended. Anne Frank was forced to move and hide with her family in an annex above an office in Amsterdam during the Second World War. The Anne Frank House has been a peak tourist destination for years with people from far and wide travelling to see where this young girl and her family lived in secret. This really is an eye-opening experience and one that you should experience whilst in Amsterdam.

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The Red Light District

The Red Light District is another well-known destination in Amsterdam. This is a place for over 18’s only and is home to a variety of sex shops, museums, and brothels. You can discover the Red Light District alone or there are many pub crawls down this famous street if you’d like to drink and meet new people. Whilst discovering the Red Light District, you may notice things are a little different, for example, you cannot video or photograph the girls in the windows, so keep your phone in your pocket to avoid any trouble.

The Amsterdam Dungeon

You may have heard or even visited the dungeons in York, Blackpool, or London, and if so, you already know what to expect in the Amsterdam Dungeons. For anyone that hasn’t visited a dungeon before, prepare for a history lesson with a difference. The Amsterdam Dungeon is a walking theatre show, although described as horror, it is suitable for older children. Mainly, it has a few little scares, but the sounds, sights, and smells really immerse you in old Amsterdam. There is also a small ride at the end on which you can get some great photo memories of your time in the Dam.

Body Worlds Amsterdam: The Happiness Project

Body Worlds is not a place for the squeamish, as more than 200 deceased human bodies have been used as part of this project. There are Body Worlds located all over the globe, with the one in Amsterdam focusing on how the state of our happiness can affect our health. This is an amazing project that shows the links between our physical and emotional states. Many medical professionals come here to take a peek at what they cannot usually see, but Body Worlds is open to anyone who may have a curiosity for the project or wants to learn more about it.

Amsterdam Canals

Amsterdam is home to many canals and they are very hard to miss whilst walking through the city. The canals are a beautiful way to explore the city and learn more about its diverse history. There are plenty of cruises to choose from, whether you want to relax and have lunch whilst travelling down the canal or you’d like a tour via boat. There are many canals in the city, all with their own stories to tell. You can also rent a boat on the canal if you want to have a day out with your friends on the water.

Artis Royal Zoo

Although the zoo in Amsterdam isn’t directly in the centre, it is easily reached via tram. Amsterdam is full of tram stops and is the easiest and most inexpensive way to travel around. If you are unsure of how to use the tram system, check out this guide for tourists. The zoo is home to an aquarium, botanical gardens, planetarium, and micropia. To fully enjoy the experience, you may want to spend most of your day here. The micropia is dedicated just to microorganisms and is an extremely interesting way to see what happens in the world of the smallest organisms in the world. The planetarium can take you on a trip to faraway planets whilst you are in the zoo and aquarium. You can meet the creatures that call the famous canals of the city home, as well as plenty of other animals.

Amsterdam is full of cafes, bars, and restaurants to enjoy between activities and has a great nightlife for those looking to party. There are many pub crawls and tours around the city for whichever way you wish to experience it.


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