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Breath-taking holiday destinations to consider for 2019


THE year is almost over and if you had planned to take your family on a vacation, it’s unfortunate as there’s no time left for you to do the planning.

However, 2019 is almost here and when you start planning as early as now, you’ll have ample time to prepare both psychologically and financially. With so many good places to explore across the world, you’ll be spoilt of choices on the places that will suit you with your family and friends. If that’s the case, your search ends here as we have put together five outstanding holiday destinations to explore in 2019.


On top of our list of top holiday destinations for 2019 is Canada. It’s a powerhouse of beauty with towering Rocky Mountains, outstanding lakes, and the best wildlife you could feast your eyes on all day long. The place will give you an opportunity to experience a true definition of nature and have something to talk about in the coming years. If you want to explore a specific place and don’t know where to start from, head to Banff and you’ll definitely have a blast. The view in Banff is just spectacular thanks to the mountain range that dominates the skyline. You’ll find hotels and restaurants that offer finger-licking meals and small boutiques that make it a convenient place for vacation. Banff is surrounded with nearly 6500 sq. kilometer parkland that offers an opportunity to enjoy various activities such as bike riding, mountain climbing, hiking and walking trails where you can walk side by side with friends and family as you enjoy God’s creation.

New Zealand

Have you ever been to New Zealand? If not, make it your priority come 2019 and head to Fiordland National Park which is located on the southwestern part of New Zealand. The place has everything for everyone and whether intending to go with children or your workmates, all of you will enjoy. The place consists of amazing mountainous terrain that will make you feel heaven on earth. Once you get there, you’ll have various activities to choose from starting from camping, and hiking, to mountain climbing and kayaking. If you love animals, there would be nothing better than watching interesting species of birds such kea with its scaly feathers. You’ll also get an opportunity to have a spectacular view of waterfalls and mountains and boat tours will be there at your service to take you around the fiords for an even better adventure.


Scotland is a true definition of beauty and if planning to tour the world come 2019, it should definitely be on your travel destinations list. Given that we don’t want you to spend your time researching where to go, heading to the Isle of Skye would be a great idea. The place is a perfect stop for hikers with its breathtaking landscape and from quiet fishing villages to medieval castles, everyone will have a reason to enjoy. You can as well head to the town of Portree which is a home of Islands, grassy swales, peninsula, and coastlines.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is relatively a small island but has a lot to offer and if you’ve never been there, you’re surely missing a lot and it should be in your list of top holiday destinations for 2019. The place features gold-dust beaches and breathtaking luscious green scenery that signifies lash tea plantations. If you are the kind of people that keep animals close to your heart, Sri Lanka is the place to be in 2019 and when you head to Yala National Park, you’ll get an opportunity to see different animals such as chattering monkeys, grazing elephants, water buffaloes, and leopards.

Sri Lanka offers the best teletext holidays all inclusive for you and your loved ones and you’ll get three finger-licking meals a day (breakfast, lunch, and dinner), your favorite drinks, and lots of entertainment every night. Besides, the deal caters for all your transportation needs as well as any other thing you need during your stay. This means that you forget about day-to-day spending and focus all your energy on having maximum pleasure in a new heaven.

Bali, Indonesia

Bali is one of the top destinations across the world thanks to its outstanding beauty. When you get there, head to the island of Nusa Lembongan by boat and have a taste of true definition of tranquility. The island is very quiet; no traffic and you won’t be harassed by people begging you to buy one thing or the other. This means that once you wear your swimsuit and sunglasses, you’ll have a wonderful time getting into the waters and sunbathing as you reflect on your life.

Given that 2019 is around the corner, the above top holiday destinations will narrow down your choices on where to spend precious time with friends and family.


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