Buying Cheap Custom Essays: Pros and Cons


Essay writing is among the requirements for evaluation among students from time to time.

Essays are one of the ways used to judge a student’s general knowledge, cognitive and writing skills. Also, students are required to write essays when they are seeking admission to colleges and universities. Such essays help establish one’s competency and creativity. However, many students lack the requisite skills to write an “A” grade paper thus, opt to buy affordable essays to pass the test. The following are the pros and cons of buying cheap custom essays online:


    1. Saving Time. Some students have to juggle between studies, work, business, and family leading to serious time constraints. Custom written essays help such students meet strict academic deadlines so that they can be able to accomplish other things in life. Further, some assignments have short deadlines, making it almost impossible for such students to comply. You can pay a premium price to have a rush order attended to while you take care of other more pressing issues.
    2. Strong Thesis Statement. An essay must contain a thesis, explaining the purpose and aspects to be observed in a study. Most students find it hard to speak about a topic since they lack concrete information authoritatively. Custom essays are composed of experienced writers who specialize in different fields, thus able to comprehensively research on a topic and produce high-quality work that meets all the specifications given by a tutor. Students seek such work due to its precision and conciseness.
    3. Superior Writing Skills. Students also buy custom essays online for cheap due to their lacking in research skills. Most students are not capable of composing high-quality research papers that can defend their essay topics. Academic writing is based on facts and has strict formal rules on grammar, referencing, and formatting, unlike creative writing. Lecturers use these guidelines to grade a student’s work besides the flow of ideas in a paper. It is little wonder that a student can have a fantastically written paper complete with scholarly evidence, yet fail to get a pass since the paper was unable to observe referencing and formatting parameters. The work can be considered plagiarized, which constitutes a serious academic offense.
    4. Well-Researched Work. Students buy cheap custom written essays since most students do not have adequate resources to conduct research. For you to produce a quality essay, you require to access sources such as articles, journals, periodicals, research papers, and reports among others. Essay companies subscribe to various online libraries and are thus, able to deliver well-researched essays. When students buy essays from these companies, they are sure to obtain highly researched work complete with scholarly evidence from some reliable sources.
    5. High-Quality Essay. Students want to have the assurance that their essays are void of any grammatical, formatting, and semantic errors before presenting them to their tutors. Affordbale custom essays pass through a rigorous process of proofreading, editing, and plagiarism check before being handed over to a client. Essay writing companies have invested in qualified and experienced editors to ensure they give their clients value for their money. All these checks inspire confidence among students that they can rely on such essays when it matters most in their academic journey.


  1. Plagiarism. The cheapest custom essays can be plagiarized, and you have to take chances that the work delivered is 100% original. However, you can buy software or use a free plagiarism checker to check the work before accepting to pay.
  2. Low Quality. Custom essay writing can be of poor quality, lack of flow, and clarity. There might be no communication between you and the writer when they are composing the paper. The writer might also not be available for revisions leaving you stuck with a sub-standard paper.
  3. Expensive Cost. Cheap custom essays might be too expensive about the quality of work delivered.

Difficulty in Choosing the Best Writing Service. There are many affordable custom writing companies which make it hard for you to provide superior services. Due to the nature of these writing services, it is hard for customers to be provided with samples.


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