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The Top 5 Reasons People Are Flocking to the Mediterranean


As people from all over the world look for an escape from the drudge of everyday life, a handful of destinations are generating buzz and interest due to their amazing ways of life.

Whether it be a low cost of living, amazing culture, delicious cuisine or ample entertainment, people young and old all find their own unique interests both at home and abroad.

For many living in the UK and Europe in general, the Mediterranean has become a desirable, attractive destination – both for travel and expat life. Whether a couple is looking forward to retirement or a family wants to plan an amazing holiday, hot-spots all across the Mediterranean are alluring for many reasons.

To give you a better idea of why this is happening, let’s examine the top five reasons why people are pouring into the Mediterranean for both short-term and long-term visits.

Luxurious Accommodation

To live in luxury in the UK, you probably need to be a millionaire. This is, frankly, an incredibly unrealistic goal for many families – unless they’re willing to relocate abroad.

People of all ages are finding that there is a plethora of beautiful, luxurious accommodation scattered through Greece, Turkey and the broader Mediterranean area. With options available for both short and long-term stays, travellers are guaranteed to find accommodation that matches their budgets and tastes.

One such example is Luxury Villas by BlueVillas, which offers hundreds of unique Mykonos Luxury Villas in many different locations across the island, one of the hottest destinations currently for Mediterranean travel and leisure. While the picturesque beauty of the sea is enough to stand alone, thousands of people are finding that they can also live like kings and queens while enjoying the view.

Low Cost of Living

Perhaps one of the most attractive amenities for expat life in any country is a low cost of living. Whether you are retired, work from home or are merely travelling, minimising the costs associated with food, accommodation, entertainment and other crucial day-to-day expenditures is a necessity.

Throughout most of the Mediterranean, the overall cost of living is substantially lower than in most of the developed world. Expatistan publishes its monthly rankings of cost of living by country: Italy ranks 29th, Greece 46th and Turkey 81st, making them substantially cheaper than most high-end destinations.

While some prefer to take their holidays in beautiful but expensive destinations throughout Western Europe, budget-savvy retirees and travellers alike are discovering that their money can go much further when enjoying the beautiful Mediterranean scenery.

Immaculate Climate

Let’s be honest: the UK’s overall climate isn’t exactly the envy of the world. Consider that in London, rainy days comprise 30 percent of the days in a year. Coupled with cooler temperatures during the winter months, and it’s no wonder so many people go on holiday with destinations further south in mind.

Throughout the Mediterranean, the climate is far more stable, predictable and peaceful than throughout most of Europe. The temperate effects of the sea help mitigate heat waves and cold snaps, and the climate tends to be far drier than in the UK.

This is not only a great reason to choose the Mediterranean as a family destination, but the elderly can benefit as well. Without those terrible, cold days and damp conditions, many ailments such as arthritis are significantly reduced in severity.

Less Crime

While turmoil may be a daily occurrence in many cities, the Mediterranean – particularly its islands – offer substantially lower rates of crime compared to their mainland peers.

One such example is Cyprus, which has a lower crime rate than almost anywhere in Europe. The residents here still live, go out and even sleep with their doors unlocked in many cases, which speaks to the confidence that its population has in each other.

For those wanting a relaxed, peaceful way of life, the Mediterranean provides it across the spectrum – including the ability to not worry about violent crimes or property theft.

Beautiful Culture

Last but not least, the culture of the Mediterranean is appealing to an extent that few other locales can match. Whether you are in pursuit of daily delicacies to sample on every street corner, a friendly and social environment where everybody feels like a friend or the hottest entertainment both day and night, most Mediterranean destinations offer it in abundance.

In addition to these great attractions, you’ll also be able to absorb more history and art than anywhere else in the world. From millenarian-old ruins to ancient theatre productions, the culture of this region provides enjoyment and entertainment for everybody.

It doesn’t matter whether you are looking for a week-long holiday or a permanent new home: the Mediterranean has plenty to offer anyone in search of a new destination. These five reasons are just the tip of the iceberg in terms of why people are flocking to destinations such as Greece, Italy, Turkey and Cyprus.

Hopefully, you too will find multiple reasons to visit or relocate to this part of the world in the near future!


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