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Date fixed for by-elections


A DATE has been fixed for by-elections to fill vacant seats on Warrington Borough Council and Lymm Parish Council following the death of long-serving Conservative councillor Sheila Woodyatt.
In the event of elections being called, they will take place on Thursday, April 19. Nominations must be received by Warrington Borough Council by 4pm on March 21.
Cllr Woodyatt  (pictured), who was the joint longest serving member of the borough council, died in January
No candidates have yet put their names forward, but is is expected there will be at least three – Conservative, Liberal Democrat and Labour.


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  1. Walton Parish Council has an election this week too (Thursday 15th March) as sadly one of their long standing Parish Councilors died recently 🙁 and another has also resigned.

    Such a shame the two vacant seats on the local Walton Parish Council were contested as usually Walton advertises their vacant seats and then fill by co-option I believe. As these two vacant seats have been contested this time an election has been forced which will cost the Parish Council around £4000 from their own Parish ‘purse’ which could have been spent on something much better !
    No election cards are being issued though (that is optional) so at least that will keep the Parish’s £’s costs down a little.

    It seems such a shame as Walton has always been non political but I guess with the recent Boundary Changes and Walton loosing it’s Borough identity and councillor and being now split between Stockton Heath and Appleton for Borough purposes some parties are now looking at them to get a better foot in the door 🙁

    The3 people standing for the election are one lib dem (no surprise there) and two green people…….

    • Your belief is correct Dizzy, Walton PC was made up of Independent Parish Councillors, personally I could never see any benefit of party political involvement in Parish Councils…indeed the less partisan party politics we have the better.

      Hope all is well with you Dizzy

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