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“Accident waiting to happen” at Pink Eye roundabout


THERE’S an accident waiting to happen at Warrington’s Pink Eye roundabout, according to a candidate in Thursday’s by election at Chapelford and Old Hall.
Allan Bird, who is contesting the seat for the Liberal Democrats, says roads in the borough are in a dangerous state because the borough council is “failing to do the basics.”
The former chairman of Great Sankey Parish Council said: “Liberal Democrats work for you all the year round and don’t just appear before an election.
“Electing another Labour councillor won’t make any difference. Warrington Council is failing to do the basics. For example our roads are in a dangerous state and the road markings at the Pink Eye roundabout are barely visible. It is an accident waiting to happen.”
Mr Bird lives in the ward and has been in the area for 28 years. He works at an Academy school in Halton and is married with three adult children, all of who were educated at Old Hall Primary and Penketh High School. He is a keen runner and cyclist.
Mr Bird said residents in Chapelford and Old Hall should be consulted on the traffic impacts of the proposed “red route” option for the Western Link Relief Road.
“This is especially important given that drivers will be looking for alternative routes following the imposition of tolls on the Mersey Gateway Bridge,” he said.
Referring to a large increase in the population of the area, he pledged that if elected he would campaign strongly for better health, dental and schools provision.
The election has been called following the resignation from the council of Faisal Rashid, following his election as an MP.
Full line-up is: Paul Warburton (Labour), Phil Hayward (Conservative), Allan Bird (Liberal Democrat), Stephanie Davies (Green Party), Ian Wilson (UKIP).


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  1. Concerns about the markings on Pink Eye were raised by people on facebook a month or so ago and local press have jumped on it more recently based on social media chats…so good see the Lib Dems are picking up on social media gripes and tagging themselves along for the ride too now there’s an election coming up.
    Questions….How often are the white lines repainted on major ‘A’ roads/islands? When were the markings last done on the Pink Eye as it doesn’t seem too long ago from memory.
    Is it the councils responsibility or Highways England, I thought it was Highways England but could be wrong.
    The high volume of traffic using the Pink Eye roundabout and other areas in town every day will easily wear out the white markings over a relatively short time….maybe they just need to use a better paint with a hard wearing coating over the top 😉

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