Daresbury Hall fire under investigation


UPDATED:A large blaze which has badly damaged the former Stately Home, Daresbury Hall, near Warrington is now being investigated by fire chiefs.

A total of eight fire engines, including two hydraulic platforms, were called to the scene at around 4.45pm yesterday to help tackle the fire which had taken hold of the large empty building.daresbury hall

Crews used main water jets and hose reels on the flames. The structure of the building was unsafe so all firefighting was conducted from the outside.

Firefighting operations stopped at just after 10pm last night with two fire engines remaining on the scene overnight, damping down, checking for hot spots and making sure there was no reignition. Crews remain at the scene.

Daresbury Lane is now re-opened in both directions after being closed last night.

It is not yet known how the blaze started but an investigation has been launched. Anyone with information please call Cheshire Police on 101.

Police have previously uncovered a cannabis farm in the building last year worth an estimated £750,000. More recently it was being used by a company for “zombie experience” events.

There have also been plans to demolish it to make way for 31 houses and an “art house.”

The site is classed as Green Belt and a home for barn owls.

The former Stately home has been on English Heritage’s at risk register for a number of years.

Check out Chris Digata’s video film on the historic Manor House which was built in 1759.


Pictures courtesy Chris Digata

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  1. Mmmm… another Grade II Listed building left empty to rot and then suddenly goes up in flames when planning permission is on the cards or approved? Oh cynical old me ….

  2. One has to wonder how long might be before the large, impressive but now redundant Grappenhall Special School building goes up in flames too especially as the council are selling of the grounds. Is that a listed building ?

  3. Road closed – why? that building is so far set back from Daresbury lane there could not possibly be any risk to health and safety of the public. It does however make it difficult for the public to see the extent of the damage for themselves.
    As the building is not in a location that would cause H&S risks to the general public, legally any kind of demolition works should be the absolute minimum necessary.
    I believe Historic England is very much aware that there has been a spate of ‘arson attacks’ in the North West recently and so will be keen to investigate!

    This beautiful building is much loved locally and how the relevant authorities deal with this incident will without doubt be thoroughly scrutinised!

    These ‘arson’ attacks’ have become ever more frequent and we have lost so many of our heritage buildings, isn’t it about time something was done?
    Perhaps a chance for our new Chief of Police to show what he’s made of?

  4. Maybe they closed the road in both directions to stop people driving up for a nosey Sha. It’s quite a narrow road with no parking restrictions or double yellows and quite a few bends and a 60mph speed limit (or there abouts) too so could have been dangerous if people had just gone up and parked wherever to watch. It may have also impeded emergency access too if people had done that. I’ve no idea why they closed it though really and that’s just my guess. Nothing to stop people just walking in or climbing over the low wall on the corner and going down the side through the trees too so the more people they kept away while they were battling the blaze the better in my opinion.

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