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Travellers set up camp after breaking through barrier


POLICE were called to Silver Lane, Risley, Warrington, this morning after a group of travellers gained access to the site.
About 10 vehicles, including caravans, were said to be parked on the lane.
Two nearby residents said the travellers arrived at about 10am and at first parked up outside the barrier which is designed to prevent vehicles getting into Silver Lane.
But they then saw the travellers break through the barrier and drive through.
Cllr Sue Bland said: “I am told the people who witnessed the travellers breaking through were not close enough to identify which individuals did it. This means the police cannot take action because they have no firm evidence as to who did it.
“The borough council have been informed, but I doubt if anything will be done before Monday.”
Nearby residents took to social media and vent their feelings about the situation.
One was calling for the local MPs to take up the issue with a view to getting the law changed so that travellers could be evicted more easily from unlawfully occupied sites.
Another said the site was stil littered from when the last group of travellers broke through the barrier.
One said: “Who is going to have to pay for the damage?”
It is understood police are still at the scene.

Pictured: Travellers who set up camp on a previous occasion


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  1. So much for the £8000 barrier that was put up by the council to stop them getting on there. That’s twice since christmas travellers have cut through it and gained access. What a complete waste of money it’s turning out to be.
    The law needs to be changed so they can be moved on immediately.

  2. Where would they be moved to? The problem in Warrington is that no permanent traveller stop over site/s have been allocated and Councillors have been reluctant to allocate any as wherever suggest it would be unpopular.
    Any discussions re this issue seem to be done in private and so understandably the public are annoyed.
    I would suggest some openness and transparency by the Council.
    Firstly giving full details of Warrington’s obligations and how much space we are actually obliged to provide. Also details and a map of all the traveller sites currently in the town. It would only be fair for these sites to be distributed equally – no area should be expected to have more than their share. Once these details have been distributed it would be easier for the public to see which areas should be expected to accommodate a future site or sites. A number of sites could be identified and a 5 – 10yr rotation system could be used. The important thing is that decisions should be open, transparent and fair.
    So give the public the information and let them decide.

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