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No Second Night Out for rough sleepers


WARRINGTON Borough Council and its partners are asking for the public to help them end rough sleeping in in the town.
The no second night out project is part of government initiative which seeks to provide accommodation for all people who find themselves without a home.
In Warrington, the “No Second Night Out” team is led by the Councils Housing service team, Housing plus. They work in partnership with the Stepping Stone Outreach Team, Arena Options Vulnerable Tenants Support Service, The Salvation Army, Cheshire Police, Supporting People, Warrington YMCA and Room at the Inn to provide accommodation and support to homeless people.
Cllr David Keane, (pictured) executive board member for environment and public protection at Warrington Borough Council, said: “In the current tough times, it is our priority to provide help and support, to ensure that nobody in Warrington needs to sleep rough. We’re asking for your help to achieve this by using your eyes and ears to help us to help rough sleeper.”
If you see someone who you think is rough sleeping you can help them by contacting the “No Second Night Out team”
Ways to get in touch, by telephone 0776 8605020, by email housingadvise@warrington.gov.uk or in person at Housing Plus offices at the Gateway, 85-101Sankey Street in the Town Centre.


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  1. Are we meant to believe there is somebody wrapped up in that blanket?

    Don’t bother to say it was left by somebody who had slept there because it’s a sure thing it wasn’t. A blanket is a valuable possesion to somebody sleeping rough and they just would not leave it behind.

  2. Get real cleopatra. I work for W.B.C. and my heart goes out to people sleeping rough at any time of the year. No one Knows what problems they have, all I know is that they need help.

  3. I have a amount of experience in this field and I feel that rough sleepers in Warrington do leave blankets where they have slept the night before. The reason for this is because certain agencies in Warrington hand out fresh clean blankets to rough sleepers on a daily basis plus they are also being fed which is promoting homelessness. If agencies where to stop doing this then maybe people would think twice about sleeping on the streets. There are enough hostels and supported housing scheme’s to accommodate anyboby from Warrington who is sleeping rough. If you present to Warrington as a rough sleeper and you do not have a Warrington connection, then the ‘No Second Night Out’ scheme will help to reconnect you back to your hometown where they will look at appropriate accommodation for you. I feel if we all work together and believe in the same views about homelessness, then this problem can be resolved.

  4. I am already real, disallusioned. Re-read my post, it was about the staged photo and not so much about homeless people.

    I do feel for some homeless people. Those who are homeless through no fault of their own, some choose to be homeless. Having known a few homeless people in my time, I know quite a lot about homelessness, believe it or not.

  5. Well said ‘disallusioned’ and ‘John Smith’. To think that in this day and age some people are still sleeping on the streets and in shop doorways at any time of the year is bad enough never mind in the winter months. Yes, some I suppose, may be there because of their own choices in life but regarless they clearly need help and it’s all very sad. Good to read that there are people out there like the ‘“No Second Night Out team” and others who are keen to help and get our there and who care enough to hopefully help these people turn their lives around regardless of how or why they got to where they are now in the first place.

  6. “There are enough hostels and supported housing scheme’s to accommodate anyboby from Warrington who is sleeping rough.”

    Any stats/evidence on this, John?

    I too have an amount of experience in this field, and I don’t think there are.

  7. This photo was not staged, as John Smith said, well meaning organisations give out blankets and some rough sleepers simply leave the bedding and collect fresh bedding. No second night out sounds the way forward, lets help homeless move off the street, simply handing out blankets and free food does not help address mental health and addiction issues it simply stops people with complex problems seeking the help they need

  8. Cleopatra the article is about trying to raise awareness about street homelessness and hopefully engaging the general public – you however have chosen to focus on what you believe to be a staged photo! Unbelievable! You know something about homelessness? Well obviously not enough! I have seen sites like this on my way to work and my heart sinks knowing that people live like this. What I suggest is that as ‘disallusioned ‘ said that you get real! Contact the the no second night out team and have an early morning walk round warrington to see this problem first hand and then post judgement until then leave your utterly pointless comments to yourself!!!

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