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Roads chosen for 20mph limit trial


THREE areas have been earmarked for a pilot scheme to decide whether a blanket 20 mph speed limit is feasible on Warrington’s roads.
The aim is to see if such a limit would be effective without the use of associated traffic calming measures, such as speed bumps.
Orford and Great Sankey have been chosen for the study, based on the number of casualties involving pedestrians or cyclists in those areas.
The town centre has also been chosen to encourage take-up of sustainable modes of transport.
In Orford the speed limit will be tested on Long Lane, Sandy Lane and Northway. At Great Sankey, the restriction will be trialled on Park Road. The whole of the town centre will be involved in the scheme.
The pilot will be launched next month and run for 18 months. If successful 20 mph speed limits will be introduced in many other parts of the borough.
The differing nature of the roads chosen for the trial will enable the council to determine how suitable certain road types are for the introduction of a 20 mph speed limit.
Statistics show that if a pedestrian is hit at 20mph there is a 97 per cent chance of survival. At 30mph there is an 80 per cent chance of survival and at 35mph there is a 50 per cent chance that the pedestrian would be killed.
Further information about the scheme can be obtained from 01925 443322.


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  1. It will not stop the drivers who ignore speed limits and traffic lights.

    Perhaps speed cameras would be more beneficial to reducing speed.

    Where I live in a residential area, we have speed ramps and a 20mph zone, but that doesn’t deter the idiots who ignore the law.

  2. Courts should hammer urban speeding the way they do drunk driving. To use a useless police favorite : ‘Send a stern message’, although in this case, where losing your licence is involved, it may work..

  3. That’s total nonsense. Residents in Paddington actually requested a 20mph limit on their narrow residential roads but the planners decided the 30mph limit should stay but with bumps. Now they want to do it but NOT on residential backroads where it’s needed but on main roads that form the main arteries of our transport infrastucture.

  4. Is it not time for our elected councillors to have a major cull of all the numpties that have had any input to the shambles of “Warrington traffic”.

    There must be many levels of bean counters in pensionable posts each referring items to the next level of incompetence. A degree in Tellytubby studies is not a suitable qualification for those involved in Local Government.

    It would be a good start in ridding the Borough of mega salaried demics.

    to rid the Borough of

  5. Another example of how incompatant and irrelevant our council is.

    How is reduction in speed going to achieve this? if anything it will do the direct opposite which is increase RTA’s and congestion..

    It is time that councils stopped acting against the interests of its public and all I can say is Asda and traffic lights.

    Enough is clearly enough.

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