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0 Importance of small businesses
We recently looked at some of the changes in taxation since 1999, one of which was the reduction in Corporation Tax for larger companies from 30% to the current rate of 20%. Read More
Finance - sponsored by Watkinson Black
0 Finance Bill 2016
Many people operate their business through a limited company. Whilst one reason for choosing to do so is to reduce their tax liability, there are a large number of other reasons why they may wish to do so. Read More
Finance - sponsored by Watkinson Black
0 Why financial planning is good for you
It is approaching that time of year again, dreary January. However, as well as making commitments like going to the gym, and maybe to lose a few pounds off that waistline, it is also a good time to have a look at your financial affairs also. So here are a few points to consider: – Read More
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