Exploring the Joys of Saving and Cashback Rewards


Sticky inflation, as it’s sometimes called, looks here to stay. And with the costs of those daily essentials, including food and energy (and pretty much everything else) still well above historic averages, it’s never been more important to save in any way you can.

Whether it’s earning discounts on expensive, one-off items or rewards for those everyday purchases, the savings can quickly add up. Let’s take a closer look at the world of cashback rewards, and see how one product in particular – Utility Warehouse’s Cashback Card – could bring some added value to your shopping.

The thrill of Saving and Earning Cashback

Earning a few extra rewards on an already stretched budget can add an exciting dimension to the shopping experience. Historically, rewards were generally limited to air miles or tied to a specific retailer, like a supermarket. But that has changed in recent years as providers offer incentives to gather new customers.

Unlocking Multi-Retailer Benefits with a UW Cashback Card

When it comes to cashback cards, there are now almost too many to choose from. One option is Utility Warehouse (UW), with whom shoppers can enjoy rewards from over 60 retailers – many of which are household names. From health-focused options like Boots, to catalogue giants like Argos, and supermarkets like Sainsbury’s, M&S and Aldi, the Multi-Retailer benefits are quite clear to see. The cashback amounts earned can be up to 10%.

The cashback earned comes directly off your monthly UW bill, so no need to keep track of all your spending (although with a handy app, they do that for you too).

Securing Your UW Cashback Card

To grab yourself a UW Cashback Card, you first need to become a customer. UW is a multi-service provider for your household bills, offering fixed and variable energy, broadband, mobile and insurance at competitive prices.

The good news is it’s easy to switch to UW, and you could save a small fortune in the process, with average customers who take energy, broadband and mobile saving an average of more than £300 compared to their existing provider(s).

So, UW customers can not only enjoy the exclusive benefits of the cashback card, but also gain access to a comprehensive set of essential services for the home. Unlike other providers, you’ll also get peace of mind that they won’t hike your prices in the middle of your contract. The price you see is the price you pay: today, tomorrow, forever.

Understanding UW Bundles and Their Benefits

UW isn’t just a cost-effective solution for home services. It’s also super convenient, because it combines all your ‘bundle’ into one handy monthly bill. By bundling services such as energy, broadband and mobile, Utility Warehouse customers can simplify their household expenses while unlocking additional savings and other benefits.

Embrace the Benefits and Enjoy Shopping with Cashback

Once you’ve signed up for a UW Cashback Card, you can shop (and earn cashback) with confidence, safe in the knowledge all the savings you’re making come straight off your monthly bill. It’s even compatible with Android pay, which means you don’t even need to think about using it. Just set it and forget it.


The thrill of saving and earning cashback can add an exciting dimension to the shopping experience. And with UW’s Cashback Card, customers can not only enjoy rewards across a range of retailers, but also get 1% everywhere else. In addition to the benefits of bundling your essential services with UW, shoppers can save both time and money, which means more cash to spend on the things you love – and need – the most.




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