Warrington Financial Advisors change directors life after lifechanging fall


A former NatWest director, who had worked for the company for 36 years, swapped the demanding corporate world for retirement at just 55-years-old with help from a Warrington financial advisor.

In 2019, Dave Richardson, from Liverpool, suffered a life changing fall where he sustained a bleed on his brain, resulting in an induced coma. At just 54, the fall was a catalyst for change in his life and Dave began to reevaluate his life, thinking about his family and wanting to spend more time with them. He decided that he wanted to trade his intense career for a slower paced lifestyle.
Having originally hoped to retire at 60 years old, Dave now saw things differently; he felt as though he’d literally been brought back to life by Walton Neurology Centre. Having this second chance made him completely change his outlook on life and he now wanted to spend more time with his family and help them benefit from his pension fund that he’d worked so long to accumulate.
Turning to renowned financial advisory company, Blithe House Financial Management, Dave was able to retire at 55, living off his pension and the gains from his smart financial investments.

Blithe House FM provides a 360 approach for clients, supporting them with Financial Management advice in a personable and professional manner.
Working with 250 clients across the UK, Blithe House is based in Stockton Heath and specialises in Pensions, Investments, Mortgages, Inheritance Tax Planning, Life Cover, Corporate Financial Advice, Business Loans and Asset Finance.
Director Jonathan Causey worked closely with Dave, taking into account his values, as well as keeping his needs, objectives and attitude to risk at the forefront when it came to providing advice or decision making.

Dave Richardson explained: “Going through such a trauma really does shift your perspective on life. I’d always worked incredibly hard at NatWest and equally, they never let me down. But when I suffered the fall and went into a coma, I recovered and came out the other side knowing that I wanted to change my life.
“I wanted to prioritise my family and spend more time with them, as well as help them benefit from my pension fund. I know that I’m so fortunate to have been able to leave my job as a Director at NatWest and trade the pressurised, intense corporate environment to one where I’m free to spend my time however I like.
“I’ve always lived by the values that my family instilled in me to work hard, play hard and be kind to others. I didn’t really trust financial advisors but I felt that Jonathan wasn’t like others; he was different. He had my values of hard work and being kind to others but not letting anyone walk over him.
“The advice he provides has always been the best for me and always with my best interests at heart. I had the benefit of a redundancy package so I didn’t need my pension immediately and Jonathan helped guide me to ensure that I maximised the return on my fund whilst bearing in mind my attitude to risk which was essential. I’m now able to live as I hoped to thanks to Jonathan and the Blithe House FM team and I’m so glad I used such an astute advisor who genuinely cared about me and my goals.”

Jonathan Causey, owner of Blithe House Financial Management, added:  “When it comes to advising clients, myself and the team want to gain a deep understanding of their current financial situation and their needs, objectives and goals. That way, we can put effective strategies into place, in relation to their attitude to risk, to ensure that we reach them.
“Dave had worked incredibly hard and for such a long period of time with his company and after such a life changing incident, his outlook had changed. Rather than retiring later, he wanted to bring everything forward and I’m so glad that he came to us and delighted that we were able to help him live the life that he wants to now.
“Blithe House specialises in the provision of excellent financial advice but we’re not a stuffy company; we work in a personal yet professional manner and like to get to know our clients. If you’re considering your options, or you’d like to make sure your funds are maximised, please get in touch for some advice.”


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