Freedom Fibre brings the future of broadband technology to Stockton Heath


FOR the past three years, Freedom Fibre has been building a full-fibre broadband network in Stockton Heath and its surrounding areas, bringing lightning-fast broadband technology to homes and businesses. Now, approximately 10,000 homes and businesses can access speeds of up to 1000Mbps, with a network that is 10 times faster and 5 times more reliable than any previous network.*

In addition to building the infrastructure, Freedom Fibre has partnered with over 10 internet service providers (ISPs), including TalkTalk, Fusion Fibre Group, Squirrel Internet, and Yayzi Broadband. These partners offer competitive packages on Freedom Fibre’s network, catering to various budgets and bandwidth needs. These partnerships are a crucial step in providing Stockton Heath residents with more broadband choices.

In providing this network in Stockton Heath, Freedom Fibre has been working tirelessly to replace the existing copper network with full-fibre, actively working towards the UK government’s target of having gigabit-capable broadband available nationwide by 2030.

The retirement of the old copper network has been long overdue. Copper signals deteriorate over distance and are affected by environmental factors, resulting in reduced speeds and an unreliable connection. In contrast, full-fibre networks (FTTP) eliminate copper, using fibre optic technology delivered directly to homes and businesses. This ensures unmatched reliability and speed. With many UK areas still relying on copper, even through standard fibre (FTTC) networks, it is crucial to replace these with full-fibre technology to futureproof homes and businesses as copper is phased out.

Beyond futureproofing, a 2018 report by Regeneris** highlighted several benefits of a full-fibre broadband network:

  • Increased productivity through improved connectivity.
  • A competitive advantage for businesses.
  • New employment opportunities, both directly through the network build and indirectly through improved business outputs.
  • Enhanced digital inclusion by providing access to essential resources like banking, healthcare, and education.

In addition to providing the above benefits, Freedom Fibre is dedicated to working with local communities to offer world-class broadband technology while supporting the social, economic, and environmental goals of the towns. One example is the Freedom Fund, Freedom Fibre’s community fund that has granted thousands of pounds to Stockton Heath non-profit and community groups for their good and green initiatives.

Residents not yet on the network can view our partners’ full range of packages and enhance their connectivity by registering on Freedom Fibre’s website

*Based on data from Ofcom reports ‘UK home broadband performance, measurement period November 2020’ and ‘Building a full-fibre future 2018’.

**Regeneris, The Economic Impact of Full Fibre Infrastructure in 100 UK Towns and Cities, 2018


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