Reform candidate launches election campaign in Warrington North


ORFORD based Trevor Nicholls has launched his General Election campaign for The Reform UK Party in Warrington North constituency.

Commenting on his decision to stand Trevor said: “To put it quite simply – Warrington is my town. My parents and grandparents were all born in Warrington, as I was myself, and also my daughter and two grandchildren. That is 5 generations of my family who were, and still are, Warringtonians. I have lived for all of my life in Warrington; in Latchford, Dallam, Bewsey and now Orford.
“In my earlier career I worked for 15 years in plastics engineering in Woolston, and for the last 24 years I have run my own local business.
“Growing up in Warrington during the 1970’s, I have witnessed the town’s development, first becoming Warrington New Town, and then its further growth into the town which it has become today.
I understand Warrington:- its people, its strengths and its problems. I am the only Party candidate standing for election in Warrington North who is truly local – “born and bred”.
Warrington North needs a voice in Parliament. A strong voice, a local voice.
That voice is mine.

Policies – Local & National
He added:”Reform UK has strong policies at both local and national levels. Policies which I believe are close to most voters’ wishes. Hopes for a “Better Britain”, to improve life for all. These include:-
Money in your pocket:
– we will lift the income tax threshold to £20,000 for all, putting almost £1,500 per year extra into the pockets of all hard working people.
– All frontline NHS and social care staff will pay 0% basic rate tax for 3 years. This will retain existing staff and attract back staff who have recently left.
– We will use independent healthcare capacity whereby patients will receive a voucher for private treatment if they can’t see a GP within 3 days, a consultant within 3 weeks or have an essential operation within 9 weeks.
– we will write off student loan fees over 10 years of service for all NHS doctors, nurses and medical staff.
– at local level I will continue to campaign for the much needed new hospital which Warrington so badly needs. Something which was promised by the last Conservative Government and completely failed to come to fruition.
Safer Streets:
– Safer streets are a priority for all of us in Warrington. We need safer streets and more frontline policing. Reform UK will increase the number of Police Officers by 40,000 nationally.
Warrington currently has far less Police Officers than the national average for England & Wales. The planned national increase will significantly expand the number of Police Officers within the town.
– Reform will revise current social housing law. We will prioritise local people and those who have paid into the system. Local housing for local people. In Warrington North, we have witnessed recently the use of local hotels to house migrants, a central Government policy supported by the local council. This puts further pressure on emergency social housing needs and has to stop, and stop immediately. Reform UK is the only party you can rely on to put an end to this policy at both National and local level.
– Unlike Labour, we will not charge VAT on private school fees. This will only serve to increase overcrowding in the state system. We believe we should incentivise parents who can afford to pay a bit more to choose Independent schools. This significantly eases pressure on state schools and improve education for all.

Trevor concluded: “Warrington North needs Reform UK.
“The above points are ones which I believe to be important for the voters within Warrington North, as they are to myself. These are income, health care, policing, housing and education.
“On a personal level, I have two primary aged grandchildren. I want a future for them where they can enjoy the best state education possible, a world where they can work hard and be rewarded. I want a future where they can rely on world class healthcare, and a country where they can feel safe and secure.
“If you want to check on any more issues which are important to you, then please look on Reform UK website under “Our contract with you”.
Warrington North needs better than it has been given for the last 5 years, at both National and local level. Better than the Conservative Government and better than the Labour council.
Vote for a change for the better on 4th July.”

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  1. On his reform candidate page he says that
    I stood for parliament in 2015. Since then, the population has doubled to 210,000, yet we still have the same hospital.

    Thats simply wrong, basic factual error and this is the person who wants to represent people?

    Then we have this from the mirror
    Trevor Nicholls, Reform’s Warrington North candidate, railed on Facebook about so-called “Muslim only areas”.

    Nicholls, pictured above with party president Nigel Farage, complained that proclaiming “our white pride” is denounced as racist. Also due to stand in next month’s local polls, he claimed “BEING PROUD TO BE WHITE” is “very close” to being a crime.

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