What are the benefits of knee supports for cyclists?


Cycling is a great activity for all age groups. It boosts heart health, builds stamina and provides a great way to enjoy nature. 

But, cyclists, in particular those who indulge in long rides over uneven paths on BMX bikes, often suffer from frequent knee pain. This problem can spoil the fun of a bike ride and might even cause more severe injuries. 

Luckily, there’s an easy fix, knee braces. These can greatly improve your cycling journey by offering multiple key advantages. Let’s see why every cyclist should have knee braces in their gear.

Improved stability and joint support

knee supports for cyclists bring about major benefits such as improved stability and enhanced joint support. If you are biking on difficult surfaces or bumpy city roads, cycling could put significant strain on your knees. 

This strain might result in discomfort, swelling, and even conditions like patellar tendonitis. That’s why it’s crucial to use high grade bicycles equipped with superior balance features to lessen the impact of rough terrains. Today, bikes can be easily found everywhere but remember, they are not all built for comfortable rides.

However, recently we have discovered Bobbin Bikes. They are some of Britain’s most loved leisure and quality brands. You want an adult bike? They have it! You’re searching for boys’ bikes in 20-inch size in the blue colour? They have it! On their web, you will also find a lot of accessories for bikes so make sure to give them a look. 

Aside from a good bike, you will need good knee braces because they can help you to:

  • Reduce strain: Braces can help to minimise or eradicate acute knee pain both during and after riding by offloading the load that is put on the kneecap and other structures. 
  • Improve proprioception: Knee braces also enhance proprioception; in other words, it enhances the way you can coordinate your legs well enough not to cause a fall. 
  • Promote proper alignment: For instance, those bicyclists whose knee positions are improper may wear braces to support that part of the body, reducing the risks of experiencing discomfort or injuries.

Enhanced recovery and reduced pain

Knee pain doesn’t just affect your rides; it can linger and disrupt your daily activities. Knee supports for cyclists can play a vital role in managing existing pain and promoting faster recovery. They can:

  • Lessen swelling: Various knee supports use materials that assist in lowering inflammation and swelling in the joint, resulting in quicker healing and ease from discomfort. 
  • Boost blood flow: Some supports also stimulate improved blood flow, accelerating the transport of vital nutrients for healing to the impacted area. 
  • Thermal treatment: Some specific knee supports come with integrated heat treatment, which can have a significant impact on calming strained muscles and promoting relaxation following an extended journey.

Along with wearing a knee pad, make sure to also do some exercises for knee pain as they can also help a lot with the recovery. 

As we see, knee braces can do so much for us. They can help us to quickly recover and give us stability. So if you’re not yet using knee braces whilst you cycle, we strongly suggest you start.


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