New name – same face at the Edge Eyewear


This is Graham. He’s a self-professed massive nerd, but more about that in a minute.

He’s been working in Warrington Market since September 2020 as the optometrist at Maskell + Josephson Opticians. Last month he bought the practice for himself and has changed the name to EDGE Eyewear.

So, why does he think he’s a nerd? Sorry – a massive nerd. Well, before he did a degree in Optometry he did a degree in Mathematics. And in-between the two degrees he was a computer programmer. And now he has finished studying at university he goes back there to teach Optometry at his alma mater, The University of Manchester. Nerd alert!
Why go back and teach? Most optometrists don’t. He says partly because it makes him a better optometrist, but also because he has a lot of knowledge to share. He doesn’t lack for confidence in his abilities!
And why did he decide to buy his own practice? Well, because he feels it’s the only way to make sure his patients are looked after the way they should be. Everything in optometry these days is about speed. Most optician practices will give a patient 20-25 minutes for an eye examination. And for the first part of that time the patient will be with a member of shop floor staff for the initial tests. With EDGE Eyewear it’s 45 minutes, and all of that time is with Graham. This gives enough time for a patient’s eye health to be checked in the required detail, and for everything to be properly explained to the patient. He says once you’ve had an EDGE eye examination there’s no going back to anything else!

The other reason for buying his own practice is to be able to do things that most opticians practices simply don’t do. Things like night lenses (contact lenses that you wear while asleep, take out when you wake up, and see perfectly all day). Things like myopia management (slowing down short-sightedness in children and thus reducing the risk of serious eye complications as adults).
Google “EDGE Eyewear Warrington”. From there you can see the glowing reviews and get all the information you may need.

For more details visit or call 01925 344007.


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