On a ring and a prayer – daughter bids to find Burtonwood based dad’s lost love


THE daughter of a US Army Air Corp officer based at Burtonwood is bidding to trace her father’s lost love, or her family, who gave him a ring that he kept for the rest of his life after returning to the States.

George Thomas Storey, died in 1977, but now his daughter Pamela is trying to trace her namesake – a lost love she was named after.

Born in April 1916 he lived his life in Grand Rapids, Michigan, in the early 1930s George was a soldier at Selfridge AFB is Mt. Clemons Michigan. In 1936 he married his first wife Elizabeth, and Pamela’s brother Jimmy was born in 1938.

Sometime during 1940 he divorced Elizabeth but maintained custody of Jimmy. At this time, he was a Captain in the Grand Rapids Fire Department. After the attack on Pearl Harbor, he was accepted and graduated from the Army Air Corp Officer program as a Bombardier. (Servicemember Number 6725346). He was with the Mighty 8th aboard a B17 Flying Fortress in central or southern England.
Sometime during 1944 or 1945 he was diagnosed with diabetes and was re-assigned to the Supply Division at RAF Burtonwood as a Corporal. This unit did exactly what its name implies; which was to supply anything and everything to the base and satellite units. In June 25, 1945, he was promoted from Corporal to Sergeant. Copies of letters George mailed to his son Jimmy from RAF Burtonwood showed he lived in Section 43.

All Americans had left the UK by June 1946, and George went back to the U.S. He married Pamela’s mother, Doris, also from Grand Rapids Michigan. They had custody of Jimmy and had three daughters Pamela, Paula and Patrice (Patti). George died on August 8th, 1977.

Pamela, who is now trying to trace her namesake or her family and has written a letter “with a ring and prayer” (below) said: “As far we know George and Pamela didn’t remain in contact with each other, but maybe Pamela might have told a close friend or family member about him? We would be interested in any information whatsoever.
“If your mother, grandmother, auntie, or friend is named Pamela pass this on.”

Anyone with information please contact Aldon Ferguson at [email protected]. All contacts will be acknowledged and the information with be shared with the Storey family.

“With a Ring and Prayer”
Who among you remembers the “friendly Invasion” during WW2? Or dinner table tales of when the Yanks came to town? Some of your ladies became GI Brides. Others may have been left behind with only a memory of love that was secretly stored away to cherish forever.
“Dearest Pamela”
Over 70 years has passed, yet the memory of you remains. I am your namesake, the daughter of George Thomas Storey who was stationed in England from 1943 – 1945.
Pamela, we wish to know more about you! You were married to a British Officer when you met my dad, and he shared a story of having dinner with your family. Is that how you met? Or were you also working at RAF Burtonwood?
He was 6’2, with a head of dark brown/black wavy hair and sky-blue eyes. He had a very outgoing personality, with a quick wit and dry sense of humor. He loved to dance and had an unusual way of asking.” Can you bounce”? Yes, he loved to jitter bug.
We do not know if you were just friends, or romantically involved, but we do know that he loved you. Before dad left England, you gave him a ring. He kept it for the remainder of his life, and only recently did I discover the story behind the ring, and why I was named Pamela.
I realize with so many years gone by, it will be impossible to find you or your family members. But maybe, with a ring and a prayer, we will discover some details to assist us with our search.
From the daughter of the man that loved us both,


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  1. So very emotional. I pray that Pamela finds the family so she may get the answers she desperately needs. Good luck Pamela. X ☘️☘️☘️☘️

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