The 8 Most Popular North American Small Business Trends in 2022


Starting your own business can be challenging, especially if you’re a wanna-be entrepreneur with little to no experience. Don’t worry, though – we got you covered!

In this article, we’ll tell you everything about the eight businesses that have been creating a buzz in 2022! Read on to quickly launch yourself into profit!

Eight Small Businesses That Are Currently Super Profitable in North America

Owning a profitable business has everything to do with factors like your competitors’ strengths, industry growth, and startup costs. If you want to get on the list of most successful entrepreneurs, you’ll have to get to know the newest business trends! So, what are the eight online and in-person services currently dominating the market?

Food Trucks

Many people have been running their own tiny diners from the commodity of their food trucks. In fact, this movement has been growing, and its growth is expected to continue!

A food truck business is cheaper to start than having an actual restaurant, and it offers geographic versatility, high revenue, and menu customisation. However, you might need a special license to own a truck like this!

Car Wash Businesses

The rising prices of cars are encouraging more and more drivers to keep using their older vehicles for longer. Consequently, they also have to invest in vehicle maintenance, and car washes are great!

With an expected increase of about $20.7 billion by 2028, the car wash market is doing better than ever. Mobile services might be even more profitable, offering greater personalization to customers!

Auto Repair Services

Another industry that’s on the rise mainly because people are keeping their cars for longer is the auto repair one. If you are a mechanic, you could start a small business for repairs!

From fluid refills and headlight repairs to oil changes and battery swaps, you could offer your clients fantastic services at affordable prices! If you want to pamper them even more, you could also provide mobile services!

Personal Fitness Trainers

If you’re familiar with the latest fitness trends, you could become a personal trainer or instructor! The number of skilled fitness coaches is expected to increase by 39% before 2030!

What’s great about becoming a yogi or an aerobic coach is that you can have the sessions at your clients’ homes or in a park. This is the perfect job for those who dislike working for corporations.

Newborn and Post-pregnancy Care Services

Millennials might be postponing parenthood more than previous generations, but most of them want to have kids eventually. Many Gen Zs are also potential future parents, which stimulates the growth of child-oriented businesses.

From doulas to lactation consultants, new mothers-to-be want their babies to get the best care possible! On top of that, the requirements for entering post-pregnancy and newborn services are not that high.

Child Enrichment Activities

The education budget in the USA is shrinking, which makes afterschool enrichment activities the only way for kids to get involved in music or athletics. In fact, extracurricular activities are as popular as ever!

If you like working with kids, you could open a gymnastics club, a music school, or become a swimming instructor. Use your skills, and start a profitable child-related business!

Mobile Entertainment for Kids

Are you a skilled developer or engineer? If that’s the case, you can try your luck in the industry for mobile entertainment and apps for children! Education-focused devices are highly demanded nowadays!

Parents think that apps, tablets, and mobiles can help their kids be better at math, reading, languages, and science. Therefore, you can take some time to design an education-related app and profit from it!

Shared Attire and Accessories

Renting clothes and accessories to people might be another business idea you’d want to consider. If the entrepreneurs behind sites like Gwynnie Bee and Rent the Runway could do it, why couldn’t you?

With a sense of fashion and a little bit of luck, you could become the go-to person for people who have a special event coming! Keep in mind that all inventories will generate revenue many times!


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