Confusion and chaos on first day of Westy low traffic scheme


VIDEO: LOCAL residents have been taking to social media to report total chaos and confusion on the first day of the controversial central 6 low traffic scheme implemented at Westy.

People living in the area have reported seeing HGVs making u-turns, white vans driving over pavements to avoid new planters blocking access, and motorcyclists driving through the gaps.

Residents have also endured cars driving onto their driveways to turn around. Meanwhile no signage has been placed on Knutsford Road at the junction with Grange Avenue, warning of no through road.

No signage at the junction of Knutsford Road and Grange Avenue – Picture Geoff Carter (Facebook)

Local resident Jayne Savage who helped organise the protest at the Parr Hall on Monday evening said: “Already I have been contacted with issues with the implementation, and people are worried about the lack of advance planning.

“We have seen HGVs enter Grange Avenue from the Cheshire Cheese as there is no signage before the turn, these have then had to do a several point u-turn to return to the main Knutsford Road, someone had their shopping delivery cancelled as the driver couldn’t access the roads and its been pointed out that the signs are not lit.
“Traffic is turning in driveways and across pavements.
“Whilst I realise this will slow over the coming weeks, it will never stop completely and creates another hazard.
“For me, the worry is tomorrow, I have to get to work, my teenage daughter now drives and has to go to college (no buses, bikes or walking possible to either) and we will have to turn onto the busy A50, which in eight years I have only tried to do a handful of times.
“This will add travel time, it will mean less time at home, more time in the car. I have no choice but to head to Latchford Village on a single-lane road, with all the rush hour traffic. God help me if the Bridge is off, or the motorway is closed. I await answers from the council to my list of questions, but I am not holding my breath.”

Meanwhile another resident who helped organise the protest outside the Parr Hall, Steph Jones, who was celebrating her birthday today, said: “When I left home this morning, the roads were normal. I got home this evening to an eyesore. I struggled to get out of my drive with visitor’s parking on the road, which normally wouldn’t be a problem as I’d swing out the other way but tonight I couldn’t and had to do a 3-point turn to get out.
“They are covered in signs on my side yet no one needs to know it’s for walkers and cyclists as it’s a dead end. It looks awful. Not only that but they have filled it with what looks like leftover rubbish.
“After a hard day at work… Definitely, the worst birthday present I’ve ever received!”

Warrington Borough Council have been contacted for comment.

A drone video taken by Chris Digata shows many of the issues.

Labour ignore pleas to pause Westy traffic scheme as protesters say “party politics” overshadow common sense


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