Tories call for council u-turn on Central 6 traffic plan for Westy


OPPOSITION Tories are calling on Warrington Borough Council to do a u-turn on the proposed start date for a controversial Low Traffic Neighbourhood scheme in Westy, following the decision to pause plans in Orford.

While welcoming Labour leader Cllr Russ Bowden’s announcement that the Orford scheme is being paused, pending further consultation with those impacted, members of the opposition group say Westy residents have no confidence in their scheme and should be given the same opportunity.

The council has been consulting on Low Traffic Neighbourhood schemes in six inner areas of Warrington, with the Orford and Westy ones due to have gone live next Monday. But following a huge outcry in Orford, including hundreds of people protesting on the town hall lawn, the council has paused the Orford scheme, but plans to press on with a smaller scheme at Westy.

Cllr Wendy Maisey said, “The WBC Conservative Group is delighted that the Labour Leader of the Council has U-turned on the start-date of Monday 20 June for the Low Traffic Neighbourhood (LTN) trial in Orford and will start a proper consultation with residents. Whilst it is good news that WBC has paused the Orford roll-out, there are still major concerns regarding lack of consultation with residents and businesses.”

“When implemented properly with the right level of consultation LTNs can be a big positive for neighbourhoods. We all want a cleaner, greener, safer Warrington but residents can’t be penalised or their day-to-day life disrupted when undertaking tasks such as taking their children to nursery or school. Many people in Warrington commute to Liverpool and Manchester, so walking and biking to work scenarios are simply unworkable.

“Conservative Councillors have already tabled a motion for next Monday’s Full Council Meeting calling for both the Orford and Westy Schemes to be paused immediately. Labour may have finally seen sense in Orford, but given the clear failure in consultation, Westy residents are left with no confidence that their Scheme is any better planned.

“The Conservative Group will therefore continue to put the case for Westy, where residents do not want to be subjected to an 18-month experiment without a proper say.”

In his open letter addressing residents’ concerns Cllr Bowden said: “After carefully considering feedback we have received over the last couple of weeks, we have come to the conclusion that while we will proceed as planned with the Westy scheme, it is only right to pause our plans for Orford, to reflect on the feedback we have received.

“Considering Westy, we have a smaller scheme, across a smaller footprint, and we are confident we will be able to address some longstanding traffic issues in this neighbourhood. As we have always said, however, we will continue to listen to feedback and this LTN will be for a maximum trial period of 18 months, unless the data clearly shows that the scheme is working.”

His full comments can be read in the article below.

Meanwhile, a petition has now been launched opposing the Central 6 plans for the Westy area which has already been signed by nearly 500 people. CLICK HERE

Council agree to pause Orford Central 6 traffic plan and engage with residents


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  2. Why should I pay these ******* to make my life worse? I am fed up of everyone telling me what’s good for me. We are not serfs and those in the council should take note.

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