3 Tips for Taking Care of Your Employees


It’s been interesting to observe the after effects of the recent global pandemic. While we were aware of the devastating health effects and saddened by the losses due to the virus, in a way we were surprised by the big changes it would bring to other parts of our lives too.

After showing up on site for years, many workers found themselves experiencing a very new reality. Many lost their jobs and those lucky enough to hold onto them were suddenly doing most of their work from home on Zoom calls.

Being able to conduct most of your work from your house, after years of being told by bosses that even one day a week of working off-site was not possible, was a revelation. This major change, coupled with the complete disruption of the world as everyone knew it, led many people to go deep inside and really look at how they were choosing to live. Many choose not to return to their previous positions, opting instead to go down a new career path. They turned to anxiety gadgets to manage stress and repositioned their careers to suit their new state of Zen. This forced employers to stand up and really take care of the team members that were still left standing.

Countering the Great Resignation

When the pandemic began to lift, employers were surprised to find that many of their original employees didn’t come back. Instead, they looked for jobs that allowed them to lead a stress free life and where they would be valued and truly honored by the firm’s senior management and supervisors. Companies quickly learned that if they wanted to avoid costly employee turnover and retain their workforce, they would have to change immediately. The existing top-down command structure needs to have mangers and bosses who truly listen to and care about the people who operate under them.

Monitoring Worker Safety

There’s a big emphasis on worker safety today. You’ll see it reflected in signs in a warehouse or plant that say X days since the last injury. When you lose an employee to a workplace accident, it’s incredibly costly and puts the company at risk due to claims of negligence. The focus on monitoring worker safety has also been extended to company operations outside the main locations. One of the prime areas where improvement have been made is in the area of fleet management and safety. The addition of collision avoidance systems can make a big difference in eliminating or minimizing the effect of accidents. You can learn about the different types of driver assistance systems and how they work to keep your employees safe in an online guide.

Support Educational Aspirations

As tempting as it might be to imagine that your workers would want to stay at your company forever, that’s not a very realistic line of thinking. Many aspire to get a college or advanced degree that would let them improve their lives and provide a better future for their families. They may also be looking for specialized training like computer programming as a way to get ahead in life.

There is a case for funding schools to fix the economy but what about funding the education of the students who will go on to work towards the stimulation of the economy? If your company can make quality college education available at low or no cost to your employees, your team will be eager to take advantage of this perk. They’ll appreciate the care you are showing by supporting them in building a better life. This will help when they recommend your firm as a great place to work when talking to their friends and other business associates.


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