£50 Off sunglasses for summer with Maskell + Josephson


By Anthony Josephson

WE’RE all aware that spending time in the sun is bad for our skin. We can see the damage it does. It has a similar effect on the eyes and the damage caused can be irreversible and very damaging to your sight over time.

Good sunglasses are really important to protect your eyes and so we’re offering £50 off ANY sunglasses bought from us before the 15th July 2022. Simply show us the voucher below to receive this discount.

Even if you’re not a fan of tinted lenses you can still make sure you have full UV protection in your normal every-day glasses. That is why all of our clear lenses have 100% UV protection so you’re protected even if the lenses don’t look like they’re doing anything.

We also offer a Photochromic (react-to-light) guarantee, meaning if you have never tried these sort of lenses before then now you can knowing that if you don’t get on with the adaptive lenses you can exchange them for clear lenses with no additional cost.

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