Housing Association launches hardship fund to tackle cost-of-living crisis


WARRINGTON Housing Association has launched a hardship fund to support its tenants hardest hit by the cost-of-living crisis.

As energy and food prices spiral, people in Warrington are already facing a difficult time financially and economic experts are predicting it will get worse.

WHA has prepared for these challenging in a number of ways, including introducing its Resident Assistance Fund.

Money adviser at WHA Steven Higham said: “The WHA Resident Assistance Fund is intended to help WHA customers who have a specific short-term need which they cannot afford and where there is no other help available.

“There is no hard and fixed criteria regarding circumstances or need, all applications will be considered entirely on their own merits. However, the customer should have pursued other available options before applying.”

To help tenants make sure they are receiving all the financial support they are entitled to, a thorough benefits check will be completed as part of the application process.

David Cummins, chief executive of WHA, said: “We know everyone has been hit by these price hikes and it is scary wondering how to cope with the sudden change in living standards. We are here for our customers in even more ways than ever to get through those tough patches that hit every family. If you are struggling, please talk to our fantastic customer advisers or the WHA money advice team. You are our priority.”

If you are a WHA customer, find out more about how to apply for the WHA Resident Assistance Fund: please contact admin@wha.org.uk

WHA money advice officer Steven has shared other potential avenues for assistance including  Warrington Council Local Support Scheme – for all Warrington residents; Fred Pendlebury Trust – for Warrington residents over the age of 50; Buttle UK – where children are involved and a crisis has occurred; Glasspool Charity Trust – for all UK residents; Glasspool Charity Trust & Smallwood Trust Partnership Fund – for women only; British Gas Energy Trust – for anyone struggling with energy bills with any supplier; EDF Energy Trust – for EDF customers struggling with their energy bills; and Family Fund – for families raising disabled/ seriously ill children aged 17 and under.


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