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Is your glass half empty or half full about the third best place for a night out in the UK?


WHEN Warrington was recently revealed as the third best place for a night out in the UK, not surprisingly it attracted a lot of negative comments on social media.

I say not surprisingly because it never ceases to amaze me how many people appear to enjoy knocking our town. I mean why would you want to bring down the town where you live and or work? Surely you want to be proud of your home town or place and of work and do what you can to make it even better?

Having lived and worked here all my life I know it is not perfect – but where is? Everywhere has its good and bad points. My glass is certainly more than half full – in fact my last night out in Warrington out in the town centre it was brimming!

I have lived here long enough to know where I can go out safely and enjoy myself with my family and friends – and currently considering the problems facing the country, I think Warrington is doing pretty well as a town, with aspirations to become a city.

I even ventured into Bridge Street recently, seen as a no go zone for many older people and had a great night out at The Grand Cocktail Bar, after previously dining out at the Cook House in Warrington Market.

I was with my wife, my daughters and their friends, covering a wide generation gap – and yet we all had a great time, enjoying good food and feeling totally safe.

So let’s try and have a glass half full, rather than half-empty attitude towards our town, which is full of small local businesses relying on our support.

In the coming months, we will be working with the Warrington BID to help promote our town centre as a place to be proud of and support.

Meanwhile, Warrington people are now being asked to share their views on experiencing a safe, vibrant nighttime economy with a broad cultural appeal.

Warrington Borough Council has launched a Night Time Economy consultation, as part of a review of the town’s licensing policy, to ensure local need is considered and the views of residents are reflected.

The special policy, known as a cumulative impact assessment, looks at whether there is evidence to show that the number, or density of licensed premises in a particular area, is leading to local problems, such as crime and disorder and public nuisance.

The survey is asking local residents to comment on their experiences of nightlife across the town, with a focus on the cultural quarter, town centre, Stockton Heath, Culcheth and Lymm.

There are questions around the numbers and types of bars and restaurants available, their opening hours and any effect that these premises, and the people who use them, have on the local community.

There is also an opportunity for people to let the Council know their views on how well served they think areas are by pubs, bars and family-orientated venues and how they feel about the potential opening of new premises.

In addition, people are invited to share their experiences of how the COVID-19 pandemic may have changed how they feel about having a night out in Warrington.

All information from the consultation will help shape the future of Warrington’s nighttime economy and inform the Council’s licensing policies to consider local need.

To find out how to take part in the survey please email

Warrington revealed as the third best place for a night out in the UK!


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