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How to Take Your Passion Project to the Next Level


For many of us, it isn’t our day job that makes us tick. Instead, we have something on the side, something which sparks joy in us – the reason we get up in the morning, the labour of love, or the hobby we struggle to pull away from.

The dream for many is turning this side project into something substantial, fundamental. The old saying goes that “if you work with something you love, you’ll never work a day in your life”; never working a day in your life is achievable, by utilising the following steps to grow your passion project.

Create a Website

The vast majority of these suggestions take place in digital spaces, owing not only to the versatility of the platforms available to you, but the ease with which you can target your key demographics. Also, on a sidenote, much of the world is still feeling the effects of the coronavirus pandemic, making IRL business-building strategies more volatile than online strategies for progression.

With that said, your first step to building something from your passion project is to build a website for it. There is a hugely competitive market for simple web-building and hosting solutions, making it cheaper and easier than ever for you to build a professional-looking website from scratch. Your website will act as your online business card, legitimising your business and providing key information to new visitors wishing to learn more. You can also use this site as a repository for marketing materials, from photos of your product or service to blog posts about your methodology, practice and ethos.

Expand Your Social Media Presence

Next up, social media platforms. You will need a presence on each of the major platforms to expand your audience as much as possible, and also to showcase a variety of different forms of media to advertise your work from different angles. Twitter is a great platform for direct and informal engagement with potential customers, while Instagram is perfect for the visual element of your business. TikTok is no longer an ‘emerging’ platform, having firmly established itself as the world’s most popular social platform. TikTok, while famous for viral dances and memes, is actually a great tool for finding an audience in your niche; the For You page’s algorithm refines content according to viewer habits, meaning you can find a more engaged audience with short-form content about your work.

Promotional Strategies

Lastly, you will want to employ promotional strategies to ensure the growth of your company via your newfound platforms. One powerful way to facilitate growth lies in hosting a virtual event for customers to attend, where you can remotely demonstrate your product or service and answer questions live about your business. Information about this live event could be disseminated through your platforms, and giveaway competitions could be tied in to maximise uptake. You can also get valuable email addresses from sign-up sheets linked to the event or competition, giving you more opportunities for direct marketing.


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