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5 Reasons the New Year is good for your Divorce


Following the highs of Christmas and the prospect of a gloomy, uneventful January, it’s understandable to think this time of year is really not ‘good’ for a divorce.

If you’re going through a divorce in the New Year or at any time of year, it can seem daunting to begin making enquiries at family law firms. To help you make that start, here’s an independently reviewed list of family solicitors in Warrington. Once you’ve taken the initial steps it’s then time to reframe your circumstances and discover how a ‘new year, new start’ mindset can allow you to put a different spin on things.

  1. New year. New start.

The New Year is exactly that. A new beginning. A legitimate time of year when dry January, workout routines, and new year resolutions are cast in stone. Everyone is resolving to do something in some way. Whether they’re shouting about it or not. Post-Christmas is a busy time for solicitors dealing with divorces. Many couples have braved the festive period only to realise that separation is the best way forward. Although it may be an end to a relationship, it is not an end to your life. Moreover, it’s a new life, a new phase and a chance to change things for the better.

  1. A time for planning

12 whole months. That’s what you’ve got to look forward to. A whole spring, summer autumn and winter where you can plan to do just what you want. So, as well as resolutions, you should also be looking at what you can set yourself to do this year. Make your goals achievable yet a challenge and make sure they’re something you are interested in or have always wanted to do. It will take your mind off divorce, so pick up where you left off playing rugby, take that counselling course or visit that far-flung country you’ve always wanted to.

  1. Take out the toxic

Ridding our bodies of toxins after Christmas is one thing, but removing toxic relationships from our lives is a whole new way of bringing in the new year. Difficult, abusive and love-less marriages can make you feel immensely sad, but leaving them can also be hard. The New Year gives you permission to putting toxic relationships of old into the bin and start afresh with new more positive connections, and maintaining those relationships that have supported you through your journey.

  1. A time for celebration

This one can be hard. Although divorcing is not synonymous with celebratory times, you must make sure you congratulate yourself on how far you have come from time to time. If you went through a divorce last year, or if you have reached the final stages of proceedings, you can use this time of year to look back on what you have achieved. Even if you are in the initial stages, and doing the simple things in life have become challenging. Celebrate each positive step you make. Going through legal proceedings is often very stressful so it’s important to recognise the progress you have made, however small or large.

  1. Out with the old

Stopping smoking, putting an end to alcohol and shaking off an unhealthy diet are pretty common resolutions. You can use the same concept with the New Year. Whether that’s letting go of negative emotions or old behaviours associated with your divorce. Perhaps you have recently put a stop to your ex’s overinvolvement in your that is not serving you well. Being decisive by dispelling unhealthy patterns of behaviour can be very liberating and empowering, especially as a new year, and a new you awaits.


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