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Help your planet and St Rocco’s Hospice!


WARRINGTON’s St Rocco’s Hospice is urging shoppers to do their bit to save the planet – by shopping sustainably at one of their local charity shops.

Back in November, the eyes of the world were focussed on Glasgow and the Cop 26 conference. Whilst the effectiveness of this global event is open to question, there is no doubt there is a need to do something.

But taking the high-flying sentiments and aims of Cop 26 and applying them to your day-to-day activities is not high on many people’s list of priorities. What with continuing Covid worries, inflation on the rise and coping with the post-Christmas debt, where would you fit it in?

Doing your bit for sustainability

However, there is an easy way to do your bit – recycling fashion. Did you know the fashion industry:

  • Accounts for 10% of global carbon emissions and 20% of wastewater
  • Uses more energy than aviation and shipping combined
  • Is the 2nd largest polluter in the world
  • Uses 70m barrels of oil each year to make polyester fibres

These are quite frightening figures, but the sheer size of it means that we can all do something to help. According to the American Apparel Association you can save 500lbs of carbon emissions a year by buying second-hand clothing. This is where you can help your planet and your Hospice.

Warrington’ sustainable fashion outlet

So, how can you help achieve a more sustainable world? Firstly, don’t throw away – recycle. Synthetic fibres can take up to 200 years to rot, so when it no longer suits your wardrobe let somebody else make use of it.

Gone are the days when charity shops offered low-quality clothes. The St. Rocco’s shops are continually receiving donations of pre-loved designer clothing, which we resell to new owners. Sustainable fashion is now the new trend and when you can buy this as well as helping a good cause, it’s a win-win situation.

New Year’s resolution

Paul Tonge, Retail operations manager at St. Rocco’s said, “Many people probably don’t realise the amount of natural resources that are required to make just one single item of clothing. For example, one pair of jeans takes 10,000 litres of water to produce. This is equivalent to 10 years drinking water for one person. So, buying a single pair of jeans, pre-loved, will save all that water!

“During 2022, we will be putting a big emphasis on sustainability in our shops and the Hospice. By promoting how you can help the planet simply by heading down to your local St. Rocco’s shop and shopping sustainably.”

Why not make it your New Year’s resolution to buy at least one item of clothing from Warrington’s very own sustainable fashion outlet – St. Rocco’s.


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