Where to buy contact lenses?


Contact lenses are a solution for those who have vision problems but want to still look stylish. Like medicines, the sale of contact lenses and lens care products falls within the class of medical devices regulated by law.

The distribution methods are therefore relatively limited. You now have 2 options: buy from a boutique optician or buy your lenses on an online sales website. For information, today more and more people are buying contact lenses online. For example, it is undeniable that those who shop for contact lenses at Designer Optics are increasing day by day. This is a phenomenon that has only emerged in recent years, indicating that online transactions are increasingly trusted, even for products that involve prescriptions such as contact lenses.

Maintenance solutions are sold in opticians, pharmacies or drugstores and there is also a wide choice on the internet. With just a few clicks, a pair of contact lenses can be delivered in less than 24 hours. Very easy and practical! We couldn’t have imagined this a few years ago.

Buy lenses from an optician

This is the most classic distribution circuit, the lenses are expensive but the purchase is secure. Here are 2 ways to save money while buying from the optician. Just keep reading…

Via complementary health insurance

You can benefit from a good price reduction on your contact lenses (between 20 and 40%) if you have a mutual insurance company that has set up a network of health professionals whose member opticians undertake to practice third-party payment and to offer cheaper prices.

Via major distribution networks

Some manufacturers sell their lenses under the brands of major distributors (most opticians from major optical brands have created their own brands). This means that you can find exactly the same lenses – same model, same manufacturer – under various brands and especially at very different prices. Only the conditioning and packaging changes. The difference from one brand to another can then reach 40 or 50%.

Since on the boxes of lenses, it is very rarely indicated which manufacturer model they correspond to, the difficulty then consists in knowing which brand to buy for the lenses corresponding to your prescription. Do not hesitate to ask your ophthalmologist.

Buy lenses online

The major motivation for buying on the net is certainly the price, there are indeed prices ranging from 10% to 70% cheaper than at opticians in stores. But the price is not everything, there are many risks in buying counterfeit lenses or products that have been stored in poor conditions.

There are many reputable online contact lens shops. That means they don’t store their products in poor condition. They have the facility to store their products in the recommended conditions so that any product that reaches the buyer’s hands will not harm it. There are several recommended contact lens shops. One of them is Designer Optics. Hopefully this article was useful for you. Thanks for reading!


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