Windy Warrington gets a yellow weather warning


THE Met Office has issued a yellow weather warning for wind in the Warrington area for tomorrow (Saturday)
Gusts of more than 40 mph can be expected from 6am onwards and it is likely to be cold, with “feels like” temperatures of minus three degrees or even minus five degrees by tomorrow night.
But Warrington seems likely to escape the worst weather. In coastal areas in North East England and eastern Scotland, rare red weather warnings have been issued ahead of Storm Arwen.
The northerly wind is expected to cause damage to coastal areas, with exceptionally large waves possible in the north east, resulting in likely significant damage and hazards from beach material being thrown near the coastline. People should stay away from the coast as waves and debris are a danger to life.
In Warrington, however, the cold weather will be accompanied by bright skies.
Any rain is likely to be in the early hours and by mid-day there is even a chance of some sunshine – although it will remain cold with sub-zero “feel like” temperatures.
Sunday will still be cold but it is expected to be a brighter day.


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