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By Anthony Josephson

Maskell + Josephson (formerly Ross Maskell + Associates) has been in its current location on Regent Road in Altrincham since 1983, having moved from central Manchester at that time. In September 2020 we opened a new site in the new Warrington Market.
The ethos of both practices is the same as it’s always been – offering top quality eye care and corrective options (glasses and contact lenses).
Long gone are the days where a person’s glasses are simply a functional piece of kit. Whatever your need for glasses (driving, reading, computer work) we believe that glasses should look good and suit the individual’s personality and requirements, as well as their prescription. We also know that sometimes there’s no one perfect option for glasses and that a person’s best results can be achieved with different pairs for different purposes. That’s why after you’ve bought one pair we offer half-price on all of our additional sets of lenses.
We’re not just a styling opticians. We offer some of the latest technology when it comes to looking to after your eyes meaning whether you’re seen in Altrincham or Warrington you’re guaranteed to have one of the most thorough eye examinations around.
We’re proud to be one of the only private-only opticians in the country and the only ones in Altrincham and Warrington. Private eye care really isn’t that expensive when compared to other costs of life. What’s more important than one’s ability to be able to read things, recognise people’s faces, drive safely and see all the details of the world, that we all take for granted, for as long as we are able to see them?
We’re also proud to be one of the only practices in the country to offer huge benefits to those members on our monthly care plan. The plan costs just over £6 per month and covers all your appointments and eye care (with an upgrade fee for contact lens wearers). All of our glasses can be paid off in monthly, interest-free, installments too.
Whether you’re struggling with glare when driving at night, at risk of develop hereditary eye problems like glaucoma, fancy trying our over-night corrective contact lenses, or have very specific visual demands there’s always a best option and we’ll not settle until we get there.
For anyone who values their eyes and their eyesight we’re here to look after you, help you see as well as you possibly can and make you look and feel good whilst doing so.
For more information please get in touch.
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