What Medical Products Does The Military Use? Find Out Here


Military medical products and wartime medicinal equipment are incredibly challenging to set up for doctors, nurses, or paramedics.

In addition to the limited medical resources in a war zone, ensuring safety and health is pretty challenging. The injuries are more frequent and the environment isn’t suitable for the treatment of major injuries. Because of the high problem factors that come with wartime medication and medical treatment, this field has been researched extensively and many innovations have been made in this regard. The battlefield medical personnel have had time to innovate and come up with solutions that benefit military soldiers. Here’s a short rundown of the different medical products the military uses.

1.   Battlefield Dressing

It’s pretty common for soldiers to get shot, grazed, or otherwise injured on the battlefield. In these instances, it’s important that the tactical team has a supply of suitable battlefield dressing to ensure minimum blood loss and reduced risk of infections. These bandages have been modified to help blood clot faster and heal wounds quickly. Combat gauge, fibrin dressing, and chitosan bandage have been developed to reduce blood pressure from 50 to 80%. Consequently, combat gauze bandage has become a standard for the first aid kit ever deployed.

2.   Tourniquets

As injuries are pretty common on battlefields, war statistics show that about 50% of combat deaths are a result of blood loss. Tourniquets are essential medical devices that are used to restrict the flow of traumatic bleeding. Before, it used to be a straightforward device at first. Through time, it had many defects seen as a weakness during the extremely violent situation of a war or military operation, that’s why the experts at suggest that before going into the field, it’s important to completely understand how tourniquets work so that if the need arises, there’s a backup plan in place. These come in various shapes and sizes, but the most modern ones are the easiest and most intuitive to use.

3.   Blood Container

Rapid blood loss can cause instant death, and therefore, one should always be prepared and have a backup in place. Military personnel keep blood bags in a blood container and store them at specific temperatures. Although the chance of carrying out a blood transfusion on a battlefield is low, you never know when the need arises.

4.   Pain Management

Although military personnel and soldiers are specially trained to withstand pain, it can be extremely painful sometimes and get out of control. For a time like this, numerous pain medications have been developed. These meds ensure that the pain is reduced, and don’t knock out the patient as other devices do.

5.   Regenerative Medicine

In addition to the development of pain relief medication, regenerative medications were also developed to improve the healing and treatment process of patients. Regenerative medicine is especially used on burns and other disfigurations that might have occurred.

Although war seems like a thing of the past these days, it is pretty unpredictable and one should always be prepared for the worst. Military personnel use specially developed products and equipment for surviving on a battlefield, whether it’s a tourniquet or medicine to assist the process.


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