The Top Most Influential People For Travel And Health Within Europe


The COVID-19 pandemic has turned our life upside down. It is hard to keep up with the travel bans and new travel and public health policies in Europe, but you must be aware so that you can travel easily within and outside of Europe.

It’s extremely important that you stay updated on the latest developments when it comes to health and travel details within Europe. To do so effectively, it helps to know more about who are the most influential and reliable people that can provide this information. To keep up with the latest information on travel and health, here is a list of the most influential people that will keep you updated in Europe.

Mark Smith

Mark Smith is one of those influential people who have kept (and are still keeping) Europe updated on train travel. He is the founder of The Man in Seat 61. He has 75.6k followers on Twitter. The website he runs explains any COVID restrictions for each country within Europe. You can not only learn a lot about travel policies but also buy tickets for your trip. Since most people depend on traveling by train for traveling within Europe, Mark Smith is the man to follow.

Avi Lasarow

If you want to stay updated on travel and health, it is important to know people who are aware of public health. Many people know about Avi Lasarow, CEO Prenetics EMEA for his work on lifting the value-added tax on PCR COVID tests for travelers. According to Lasarow, it is important to keep traveling accessible for everyone in Europe.

He runs a genetic company Prenetics EMEA and has even come up with a solution for testing the coronavirus. He is also the Honorary Consul for South Africa in the UK. He posts regularly about any changes in regulations regarding travel and the state of COVID-19. Due to his knowledge of biology, he has no trouble explaining DNA testing and genetic science in layman terms.

Nathalie Moll

She is the Director-General of EFPIA (European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries Association). She has active accounts on Twitter and LinkedIn. She tells her followers of any changes in policies in the healthcare or pharmaceutical industry. She is also a board member of W@LifeSciences. During covid, she kept people updated about the vaccination requirements and safety measures, in addition to travel policies. She posted about the various vaccines available and convinced people to vaccinate. Even now, she is trying to convince people to vaccinate against the flu. She explained the relation of the pharma industry with the COVID-19 pandemic in detail when the vaccines were in development form. This way she educates her followers about the little things in healthcare and connects with them regularly.

Miguel Gallego

Miguel works at the European Travel Commission as the Head of Marketing and Communication. He keeps people informed about international and local travel in Europe. You can stay informed from all the information he posts on his LinkedIn page. He mostly guides international travelers, however, you can learn about travel within Europe as well. He provided updates on each travel ban and whenever it was lifted. He gave a detailed view on how anyone can travel within Europe during the pandemic safely by providing a link to a document prepared by experts at European Travel Commision.

Stella Kyriakides

If you want accurate information on the latest on the COVID-19 pandemic, follow Stella Kyrakides, the European Commissioner for health and food safety. She is very active on Twitter and posts regularly on any changes on COVID-19, other health problems, and food safety issues. She promoted vaccination since various vaccines were approved. She has been explaining to the general public about the dangers of the flu season amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. She also celebrates any wins against the pandemic. Recently she praised and celebrated the digital COVID certification in the EU. The system is being considered to have set a global standard and many other countries are interested in adapting to the EU digital vaccination certification system. Stella Kyriakides often addresses the followers through webinars and provides the links on her page. She also keeps you in the loop by updating you on anything new happening in the healthcare and food industry.

The pandemic has changed the way we think about traveling and health. It has taught us to stay updated with the news on travel bands, vaccinations, and health policies. Without the right information, you’ll only face problems. The internet is full of false propaganda and misinformation. This is the reason you need to listen to the right people who can guide you through the current situation.




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